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Focal Clear MG Professional

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Introducing the Clear Mg Professional open-back headphones from Focal. Focal's newest headphone is designed for sound engineers and producers who are looking for a reliable tool in terms of quality and transfer speed. Focal has gone even further than it did for its first Clear Professional headphones, offering even more impressive performance. The new Clear Mg Professional headphone features the same driver as the original Clear Professional headphone, but with a new all-magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome. This updated dome offers exceptional dynamics combined with a capacity to reproduce the tiniest details across the full sound spectrum. The Clear Mg Professional is the essential tool for the most demanding professionals, providing a listening experience that is tops in precision and comfort.

Key Points

  • Open-back headphones for professional use
  • Remarkable tonal balance across the full spectrum
  • Bass articulation down to the lowest frequencies
  • Exceptional dynamics and impact
  • Wide spatialisation and highly precise soundstage
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • 2 cables supplied to suit all uses (mixing console, audio interface, laptop)
  • Rigid carrying case supplied, including a space for storing an Ilock® key (not supplied)
FOCAL Clear MG headphone Specs

Focals Innovation makes all the difference

Drawing on decades of experience designing and manufacturing speaker drivers, Focal first positioned itself on the global hi-fi headphone market in 2016 with the release of the Utopia. The St. Etienne, France-based brand's unique expertise as a global leader in acoustics, combined with French manufacturing mastered in its own workshops, allow the brand to guarantee uncompromising quality in its headphones. With a strong commitment to research into new technologies, Focal has consistently introduced innovative advancements that make for amazing professional and audiophile-focused products.

After four years of research and development, the engineers at Focal designed a new material to obtain an even more optimized combination of the key criteria for speaker drivers of lightness, rigidity, and damping. While the first Clear Professional headphones incorporated 1⅝" (40mm) full-range speaker drivers with aluminum/magnesium ‘M’-shaped inverted domes, Clear Mg Professional has these same speaker drivers, but with an all-magnesium dome. This is Focal innovation in action!

Precision, Dynamics and Speed

Thanks to the new cone, combined with the frameless 1" (25mm)-diameter and ¼" (5.5mm)- high copper voice coil, the sound experience with the Clear Mg Professional is made even more precise, delivering impressive detail across the full spectrum while preserving excellent tonal balance. The flexibility of the surround offers lightness, therefore more dynamics and impact across the full frequency spectrum. The open grille inside the ear cup extends the high frequencies and follows the ‘M’ profile of the cone more closely to further reduce adverse effects. With a 24kHz break-up, the high frequencies are extremely linear and the transient signals are respected.

Comfortable Work and Luxury Finishes Everything about the Clear Mg Professional is designed for work comfort as well as aesthetics. You will forget you’re wearing headphones, and instead enjoy the same listening sensation you’d get with the very best monitors. The design of the headband displays a constant curve and the weight of the headphones is distributed evenly across the head. The solid aluminum yoke is covered with a structured black paint, for sleek design and scratch resistance. Instead of the traditional vertically rotating mechanics, these have been moved within the headband for even greater comfort. This allows for excellent sealing, while the red and black blends classic and modern looks. The new generation of perforated microfiber cushions result in an extremely open design. Clear Mg Professional headphones feature new honeycomb grilles, and the opening of the external ear cup is even wider, amplifying the sensation of spatialization and the soundstage image. The internal ‘M’ grille follows the curves of the speaker driver as closely as possible, for an even more precise high frequency reproduction. The thermoformed carrying case shaped to fit the Clear Mg Professional, and with smaller dimensions, is woven in colors to match the headphones. Finally, two low-resistivity OFC 24 AWG copper cables are supplied.


Technical Features

55 Ohms
104dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz )
0.25 % @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL
Frequency response:
5Hz – 28kHz
Speaker driver:
1⅝" (40mm) 'M'-shaped magnesium dome
Cables supplied:
16.4 feet (5m) asymmetric cable (¼" - 6.35mm TRS jack)
3.94 feet (1.2m) asymmetric cable ( ⅛" - 3.5mm TRS jack)
⅛" (3.5mm) to ¼" (6.35mm) stereo jack adapter
Spare earpads:
2 x spare earpads supplied
15.8oz (450g)
Carrying case provided:
W: 9.875" x H: 9.5" x L: 4.75" (250x240x120mm)



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