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your music deserves focal

focal headphones buying guide

How did a French speaker company make arguably the best headphones in the world? Focal did what only they knew how to do - create "speakers for your head".

Every Focal headphone, and there are four now, reveals musical interludes never heard or noticed even in your favorite music.

focal buying guide

What Focal headphone should I buy?

focal buying guide

3 Buying Journeys

nick customer

New to audio Nick had to work extra shifts as a server at Burger Bach to improve his audio gear.

michelle customer

In college, Michelle played viola in the Fourplay String Quartet. She couldn't survive work's cubicle farm without headphones.

adam customer

Adam remembers building Heathkits with his dad. He wouldn't las long in his new CTO job without his music and prized audio gear.

3 Musical Journeys

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