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Choosing the right Grado Headphone

Grado has been hand-crafting headphones and phonograph cartridges since 1953 in Brooklyn USA and have become a well respected and sought after brand among audiophiles and music lovers alike.

Grado for Rock

Image Grado PS500e Black Dragon Headphone Cable

Rock music tends to lean more toward the fun, bass-centric rhythms that are intended to get us moving.

Choosing a Grado headphone with drivers closer to the ear will give you the feel and sound presence you want from all of you bass heavy and forward music.

Like being at a Rock concert, you want to be as close as you can to get that intimate experience. Drivers closer to the ear give you that similar feel.

These are our favorite Grado headphones for Rock:

Grado for Classical

Image Grado GS1000e Black Dragon Headphone Cable

Classical music needs more of a spacious soundstage in order to hear all of the elements come together to form a cohesive sound.

It is best to enjoy a Classical concert from farther away so you are clearly hearing the larger presentation of music.

To get this wider soundstage, Grado offers the GS1000e and the PS1000e which places the drivers farther away from the ear.

The larger presentation of sound is ideal for enjoying the full and detailed elements of symphonic and orchestral instruments.

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