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Fostex Headphones, Speakers & Amps

A quiet dignity rides within Fostex audio gear. Perhaps such dignity springs from the company’s recording equipment product excellence or Fostex’s Japanese roots. No matter where such inspiration is born our appreciation follows. This is why we developed a Silver Dragon audio cable for Fostex TH900 not long after founding

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Fostex International shares manufacturing excellence in products from portable headphone amps, studio reference headphones and speakers. As our customers share in more than ten Fostex reviews, Fostex TH900 headphones have a special relationship with Moon Audio Silver and Black Dragon audio cables.

Finally A Headphone That Exceeds My Expectations

I didn’t want to sacrifice one aspect of the music for another. The Fostex TH900 doesn’t force me to choose. It’s just the right amount of bass, treble, mids, and soundstage for my preferences, but whole is more than the sum of its parts. This is the experience I’ve been missing and well worth the money at this price point. Nicolas K (customer review)

Best Silence You Will Ever Hear

Wearing these magical cans at the James Cancer Center recently, I was oblivious. Bring it on, whatever "it" is because I"m in a field in Tennessee somewhere and God hasn"t painted our day nor the Monk"s woke us up with their clear ringing bell just yet. Time suspends and you feel the music as much as hear it. Marty Smith, Moon Audio Ambassador

Great sound needs great equipment matched to “sound signatures”. Sound signatures come from headphone manufacturers and every piece of equipment used in your “music listening chain”. As customer reviews share Dragon audio cables + Fostex creates magic in your ears.

Why are we in love with the Fostex TH900?

The Fostex TH900 is truly a neutral headphone that can handle multiple genres of music. Below are more descriptive elements that accurately describe the TH900 headphone listening experience.

image Fostex TH900 Chord Hugo Silver Dragon Headphone Cable
  • It"s Linear, Accurate & very Neutral
  • Excellent, noise isolation
  • Super comfortable headband & cups for extended listening sessions
  • Lastly, red headphones are sexy...

We recommend pairing the Fostex TH900 with our Silver Dragon Headphone Cable and Chord Hugo for an incredible music experience.

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