Eichmann bayonet banana plug box set at Moon Audio

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The ETI Bayonet Plug is an elegant solution providing a faster, cleaner signal of high purity and detail.

First, it uses a conductive pin of ideal thickness and mass to minimize skin effect problems.

The locking mechanism is positive and secure but a separate (and dedicated) part of the design that leaves no room for sonic degradation. Other manufacturers incorporate the signal conductor into the locking system. Immediately sonic performance of competitor connectors is compromised.

The conductor pin is machined from either Tellurium Copper (over 90% IACS) or pure Silver (106% IACS) to ensure maximum conductivity. This provides up to 320% greater conductivity than Gold plated brass plugs, resulting in enhanced electron flow, improved signal integrity, and higher resolution.

Competitor designs, even expensive high-end ones, use a composite consisting of brass or Phosphor bronze as the main conductor (at 28% the conductivity of Copper) with Nickel and Gold over plating. These metals can be unacceptably detrimental. The ETI Bayonet Plug, like the ETI BulletPlug utilizes Gold flashed Tellurium Copper or pure Silver for optimum conductivity.

2 year warranty