EAT KT88 Vacuum Tube

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A KT88 tube that is in a league of it's own. This KT88 tube is available in factory-matched quartets. It's construction features include black plates, black metal base, and gold pins.

A KT88 tube that is in a league of it's own

The EAT KT88 has a designed maximum anode dissipation rating of 35W and is recommended for use in the output stage of an a.f. amplifier. Two valves in class AB1 give a continuous output of up to 100W. The KT88 is also suitable for use as a series valve in stabilized power supply. It's construction features include black plates, black metal base, and gold pins.

Valve Type: *KT88 DIAMOND*
Size including socket: 5.2 × 12.5 cm / 2 × 4.9 inch

Burn-in Procedure

  • Valves need to be burned-in within 50-100 hours under conditions shown in the specs
  • Correct burn-in will assure maximum lifetime and genuine sound
  • During the burn-in use different volume levels from the beginning, and increase the maximum volume gradually
  • Do not use stand-by mode during burn-in and let the tubes cool down after each use
  • Do not overdrive or tap on a working tube, this will cause permanent filament damage
  • Burn in with noise tools, burn in cd, radio noise, pink noise, etc.
  • Allow the valves enough air circulation

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Warranty Certificate Download

EAT will replace the tubes providing the following conditions for all customers:

1. The tubes have a warranty of 12 months or 2000 hours of use starting with the date of purchase. The purchase data must be written and stamped by the distributor/dealer within 21 days after purchase (registration).

2. In the event of failure of the tubes, EAT or distributors/dealers will do replacement within valid warranty claims. The tubes must be returned with the original box and warranty certificate (date of purchase stamp-registration & complete return form) and prepaid shipment, otherwise warranty will be void.

3. Warranty is voided due to improper handling:

  • Make sure that the electrical specifications of your amplifier are correct before using tubes in your circuit.
  • Failure to follow this manufacturer’s recommendation may result in damage to your amplifier or valves and automatically voids this warranty.
  • The tubes should run at the standard specs (see technical data sheet ) and not steadily at the maximum values.
  • EuroAudioteam will not be liable for damage resulting from improper use of tubes in your amplifier. Abuse, accidental damage or incorrect use of the tube will be determined by EAT.
  • Only expert technicians can change the working points of the tube. Improper use of the tube or incorrect application of the tube to a circuit cannot be covered by our warranty.

Shipment procedure:

  • Use original box: Insufficient package for shipment is a cause of broken pieces inside of valve
  • Prevent tube from side shock
  • Shipment costs are covered by buyer
  • Returned tubes must include warranty certificate ( registration), return form and original package



Plate dissipation (Max.): 40 W
Grid dissipation (Max.): 6 W
Cooling: radiation
Heater – Voltage: 6.3 V
Heater – Current: 1.6 A

Maximum Ratings:

Anode voltage: 800 V
Screen grid voltage: 600 V
Va, g2: 600 V
- Vgl: 200 V
Pa: 35 W
Pg2: 6 W
Pa + g2: 40 W
Ik: 230 mA
Vh -k: 200 V
Tbulb: 250 °C


measured on a cold unscreened valve

Triode connection

Cgl -a, g2: 7.9 pF
Cg1 -all less a, g2: 9.8 pF
Ca, g2 -all less g1: 17 pF

Tetrode connection

Cg 1 -a: 1.3 pF
Cg 1 -all less a: 17 pF
Ca -all less g1: 12 pF

Push – Pull

Class AB 1, Cathode Bias, Ultra – Linear Connection (40% Tapping Points)

Vag2 (b): 500–375 V
Vag2 (o): 436–328 V
Ia + g2 (o): 2 × 87–2 × 87 mA
Ia + g2 (max. sig): 2 × 99–2 × 96 mA
RL (a-a): 6–5 k Ohms
Rk*: 2 × 600–2 × 400 Ohms
- Vg1 (approx.): 52–35 V
Pout: 50–30 W
Dtot: 1,5–1 %
I.M.D.: 4–3 %
Wa + g2 (o): 2 × 38–2 × 28.5 W
Wa + g2 (max. sin): 2 × 17–2 × 16 W
V g1 – g1 ac: 104–71 V
Zout: 4.8–4.5 k Ohms

*It is essential to use two separate cathode bias resistors. I.M.D. intermodulation distortion measured using two input signals at 50 and 6000 Hz (ratio of amplitudes 4:1)

Push – Pull

Class AB 1, Cathode Bias, Triode connection

Vag2 (b): 400–485 V
Vag2 (o): 349–422 V
Ia + g2 (o): 2 × 76–2 × 94 mA
Ia + g2 (max. sig): 2 × 80–2 × 201 mA
RL (a – a): 4–4 k Ohms
-Vg1 (approx.): 40–50 V
Pout: 17–31 W
Dout: 1.5–1.5 %
I.M.D.: 5.6–5.6 %
Wa + g2 (o): 2 × 26.5–2 × 40 W
Wa + g2 (max. sin): 2 × 29–2 × 27 W
V g1 – g1 ac: 78–114 V
Rk: 2 × 525–2 × 525 Ohms
Zout: 4.8–4.5 k Ohms


6 month warranty
6 month Warranty

*I.M.D. intermodulation distortion measured using two input signals at 50 and 6000 Hz (ration of amplitudes 4:1).


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