EAT Cool Damper Multi-Tube Valve Ring

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The EAT Cool Damper is perfect for tube-loving audiophiles looking for an extremely effective vibration control system to reduce tube vibration.

Cool Dampers are 1.339" wide and 0.906" tall and sold individually.

The EAT Cool Damper consists of an outer chassis and special carbon-teflon V-profile composite strips. The 6 vertical composite strips fit snugly against the sidewalls of the tube, damping the long walls for maximum vibration control. The outer chassis is a combination of Aluminum, Teflon and Carbon Composite PTFE, extruded into a shape that provides exceptional vibration control and directs airflow for better cooling of the tube. Cool Dampers absolutely will add many hours of life to your tubes.

This product is perfect for tube-loving audiophiles looking for an extremely effective vibration control system to reduce tube vibration.

The Cool Damper is a radical new device for the tube accessory industry from EAT – EuroAudioTeam. This beautifully crafted audio product offers much more than simply adding a new styling twist to your valves by surrounding them in new, fashionable colors. It brings exceptional acoustic performance and function to your system by delivering sound that redefines the tube dampening category.

Carefully chosen materials for our Cool Damper device allows using it as a truly effective vibration-consuming damper. This results in reduced distortion from the tube circuit, as well as vastly reducing the tendency of most vacuum tubes to act in a microphonic manner. In addition, the sound from a component utilizing Cool Dampers can be heard to have more controlled and deeper bass, a cleaner sound stage, crisper and greater dynamic range, and better focus of the entire sound field. The Cool Damper also reduces the operating temperature of the glass envelope of an electron tube by about 10%, which of course acts to appreciably extend the lifetime of the tubes.

The Cool Damper is a result of many years of rigorous research and development. This high-fidelity, consumer-friendly product is easy to install, and fabulously simple in design. We found, from all tested materials, that the most suitable is a relatively soft aluminum extrusion coated with a special blended mix of Teflon and Carbon composite PTFE. The precise shapes of the EAT Cool Dampers are finished with long-lasting anodic oxidation colors. This makes these cooling rings an aesthetically attractive, as well as functional, accessory for your valued vacuum tube equipment.

For flexible and easily detachable contact of the aluminum body to the sometimes erratic cylindrical surfaces of various tubes, we use six special carbon-Teflon composite stripes (V profile). Appropriate design and materials of the Cool Dampers compensate for the naturally resonant tendencies of both glass and aluminum and work to transform active vibrational energy into thermal energy, which is then dissipated as heat radiation. Tube dampers in one form or another have been around for many years, but these from EAT are so much more effective than any previous efforts that they deserve to be auditioned on their own merit.



1.339" wide x 0.906" tall


ECC81, 6201, E81CC, ECC801, B309, 6060, 6679, 7728, CV455, CV2016, CV8154
ECC82, E82CC, 6067, B339, 5814, 6189, 6680, 7730, CV491, CV8155
ECC83, E83CC, ECC803, 7025, 5751, 7058, 7729, 6681, CV492, CV8156
ECC88, E88CC, 6922
EL84, EF86 and many others.




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