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Drew Baird

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He was always a builder,”'s founder Drew Baird's mom would tell you. Drew was fascinated with how things work. He took things apart to put them back together. Combine Drew's love for how things work with a passion for music, Drew was a DJ in college to help pay for his engineering degree from Penn State, and it is easy to understand why Moon Audio was born.

The company started when Drew wanted quality audio cables at reasonable prices. How hard can this be,” Drew remembers thinking as he purchased cables to tear apart in order to discover what was inside. He wanted his family to hear music the way artists and sound engineers created it.

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Drew worked with quality materials to isolate noise and value music. It was hard to know how to buy materials before, before there was a company. Drew hand-crafted enough cables for his family's audio needs and then some.

He gave extra cables, cables that would become known as Dragon audio cables, to friends. They LOVED the impact of Drew's insight, vision and craftsmanship had on their music. Drew started scratching his head. Working two jobs to support his growing family (Drew and Nichole have 3 girls now) Drew wondered if his passion could become his life.

After years of working all day only to come home and craft cables Drew decided it was time. In early 2010 Drew bet his family's future on finding music lovers who would love his Silver, Black and Blue Dragon cables. Drew made a great bet.

Dragon Audio Cables

Dragon audio cables and interconnects win awards, they have a loyal and growing following, and are owned by music lovers in 27 countries around the world. As Moon Audio Ambassador Marty Smith prophetically said, Drew's Dragons make even the best headphones sound better.”

As Moon Audio grew Drew defined core values to guide our actions. Today, just like before Drew quit his day job, every Moon Audio dragon cable is handcrafted in Cary, North Carolina. And there be dragons in North Carolina now.

Drew and the team craft dragons for

  • Leading headphones such as Fostex, Audeze and Grado
  • Best noise isolating earphones from JH Audio, Shure and Astell & Kern
  • Digital Analog Converters (DACs) such as the Chord Hugo and xyz
  • Connecting your apple iphone, ipads or computers

Drew and team Moon Audio's hard work means you need to go to the moon if you want the best sound.