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  1. Black Dragon Bi-Wire Speaker Cable V1

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We designed Black Dragon cables with copper stranding intermixed with kevlar to enhance the music's body. Copper conductors provide warmth & enhance the bottom end of the music plus help customers say things like:

Wow! Incredible, well rounded sound on the AKG K712 Pro - MusicMac

Treble is more bearable with no loss of detail & bass is fuller without sounding "wooly" - BigSi

I don't have to understand (why cables make such a difference) to be free to just enjoy listening to the music. - David

3 Ways to Add Black Dragon Cables to headphones: Do it Yourself Plug & Play (you switch stock cables for Dragons), Branded Hacks (buy branded headphones with Dragons already attached) or We Hack 'Em (mail your headphones in & we add Dragons for you).

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