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The HiFiMan Dock 1 for the HM901s, HM901 or HM802 media players can increase the output voltage and enlarge their soundstage.

The HM-901’s robust line out voltage surpasses 2v, which is nearly equal to that of many CD players. When the HM-901 is inserted into the DOCK-1, its output voltage can be increased to 3v, which is similar to of high-performance audio components.

With this increase in output voltage, HM-901 or HM-802’s sound stage will be enlarged, detail will be increased and high and low frequencies extended.

Features of the Dock 1:

Increase the output voltage of HM-901 from 2v to 3v
Enlarge HM-901 or HM-802's sound stage
Increase sound detail
Extend their high and low frequencies
HM-901/ HM-802 can be connected to a PC as a USB DAC with DOCK 1

Improves Sound Quality & Convenience

HM-901 and HM-802’s digital input and output are fulfilled by a 24 pin connector located on the bottom of the player. When either player is connected to DOCK-1, the input and output functions can operate through the DOCK’s coaxial stock. In turn, this enables the digital wheel function of HM-901 or HM-802.

Inserted into DOCK-1, HM-901/ HM-802 can be connected to a PC as a USB DAC. DOCK-1 supports near 24bit high-fidelity frequency output.

The remote control operates selection of the player via its switch function.

Accessories included with the Dock 1:

(1) Remote Control
(1) Power Cable
(1) Driver CD
(1) Manual
(1) USB Cable


â–  DAC Chip: CMedia CM6631A
for HM-901/ HM-802

â–  S/P DIF Input: 16/24bit 44.1-96kHz

â–  Weight: 1.25kg

â–  Remote Control

â–  Power Cable

â–  Driver CD

â–  Manual

â–  USB Cable

Dock 1 Manual