Dignis Coque Case for Astell & Kern SR15

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Premium leather case designed to fit the Astell&Kern SR15 DAP music player.

Walpier Tannery

Founded in 1973, Walpier is a third-generation tannery specializing in 100% French raw leather and is registered with the Vera Pelle Association. The company uses a vegetable processing method based on years of experience and expertise which is considered one of the best techniques in Italy.

Tuscany Belly Leather

Tuscany Belly

Tuscany Belly is hand-dyed natural leather, producing slight variations in color that reflect the light and dark areas of the original material. The leather is sourced from the softer underside of the abdomen.


We currently offer the Coque Case in Brilliant Brown and Chrome Charcoal.

Dignis Coque case in Brilliant Brown and Chrome Charcoal
Deconstructed view of every side of the coque case
Included Accessories for Dignis Coque Case


Package Includes

  • Coque Case
  • Protective Film (x4)
  • Warranty Card