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The DEQX processors and preamp processors are thoroughly-engineered DSP platforms packed with innovative, patented calibration technology for the most inaccurate components in your system, your speakers and their integration in the room’s acoustic.

Speakers actually introduce more forms of errors and distortion than every other audio component in your system combined. Typically ten-to-a hundred times more frequency-response, time and phase errors cause a massive loss of resolution.

DEQX processors remove these speaker distortions with room compensation an added extra. Uniquely DEQX fixes critical timing errors by adjusting thousands of frequency groups — depending on the speakers’ measurements — so they all arrive at the correct time. And of course DEQX calibrates for frequency response errors like other units.

Most “room correction” devices simply adjust amplitude response (uneven output at different frequencies) to offset room modes but can’t address the fine details of phase coherence, the group-delay timing issues that manifest in all real-world speakers.

The results of DEQXification are startling; two-channel and surround systems open up in a dramatic way when timing, phase and amplitude accuracy are restored to your speakers with judicious room compensation an added plus.

Now includes DEQX XS-1 USB Audio Board For Macs or PCs

DEQX PreMate™
As a full-function preamp processor the PreMate follows the Hippocratic Oath: Do no harm. DEQX-Cal™ software runs to nearly half-a-million lines of code refined by award-winning DEQX engineers over fifteen years of development. The very notion of digital or analog sound doesn’t exist in the DEQX Universe; we let the music, soundtrack or even gaming speak for itself.

The PreMate delivers the same comprehensive speaker and room calibration features as the DEQX Mate plus the preamp functionality of the flagship HDP-4. While the HDP-4’s active crossover feature can be used with either active or passive speakers the PreMate, like the Mate, works with passive speakers using their built-in crossovers.

The PreMate’s preamp section includes four digital inputs – Toslink Optical, RCA Coax, BNC Coax, Balanced AES3 XLR and an optional USB audio input. There are two analog inputs via RCA and Balanced XLR. Outputs are RCA Unbalanced and XLR Balanced for both main speakers and subwoofers (or bi-amped speakers). The main speaker outputs are also available in digital form for external DACs.

The PreMate incorporates Cirrus Logic’s reference-grade Pro Audio ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) providing the most transparent analog input you’re likely to hear. Two latest-generation 32-bit Burr Brown DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters) combined with DEQX’s world leading 32-bit floating-point DSP calibration engine provides and analog-like fluidity that’s turned digital skeptics into true believers.

The PreMate incorporates many features from our flagship HDP-4 Preamp Processor, the same audiophile-grade parts and new technology. A remote allows volume and 3-band DEQX Forensic Tone Controls plus 99 memory positions for particular recordings or record labels.

After calibrating your speakers and room the PreMate can seamlessly integrate one or a pair of subwoofers into your system. And you can chose from several customized preference profiles and even bypass calibration to remind you of what you were hearing before. We encourage you to try it.

Calibrate speakers first then the room
Our comprehensive DEQX Cal™ software generates correction filters for phase, timing coherence and frequency-response. Only then does DEQX Cal measure from the listening area for room calibration. Our DEQXpert™ on-line installation service drives the set-up software for you just have to set up the calibrated microphone to measure the speakers then your room. The processor then computes the precise calibration for your particular system and room; there’s never been a preamp like this!

DEQX technology uniquely corrects speaker frequency response and timing errors by adjusting thousands of frequency groups depending on your speakers’ measurements so they all arrive at the right time.

Traditional analog and digital EQ corrupts the timing coherence around the frequencies that they’re trying to equalize for volume. DEQX processors slow down on-time and early-arriving frequencies so slower frequencies can catch up which just can’t be done in the analog domain.

If you don’t have a local dealer to install the PreMate a DEQXpert agent can run the comprehensive DEQX Cal™ software for you for a surprisingly affordable price on a secure, remote connection. You’ll need a simple USB link to your PC (Windows compatible computer or Mac running Windows) using a measurement microphone and a broadband connection. Or, if you prefer to calibrate it yourself, we can lend a hand via email or phone with tips and directions on getting the best from your setup.

DEQX XS-1 USB Audio Board

DEQX XS-1 24/192 Asynchronous USB board.

This digital input board allows you to connect your DEQX directly to your Windows or Mac based music servers.

If you use a music server, this is the best sounding way to get sound into your DEQX!

USB Board Features:

16/44 - 24/192 Asynchronous

No 5v power connection to computer; powered internally from ultra clean DEQX power supply.

I2S interface to eliminate conversation to SPDIF and reduce jitter.

Interdependent regulated clocks.

No drivers required for Macintosh OSX.

Windows Drivers supplied for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 32 & 64 bit.

DEQX HDP firmware update supplied on disc.

Easy to install, just one plug.

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