Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Trio Portable Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

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The AlgoRhythm Trio is a battery powered tube amplifier that delivers a rich warm tone.

Easy to operate amplifier with separate power switch, volume knob and two level gain setting.


  • Portable
  • Over 8 hours of battery life
  • Pure Midrange
  • Warm smooth tonality

Sound of a Tube Amplifier

The Trio has a superb black background and a clean, clear, spacious full sound, with the pure midrange you can only get from a tube amplifier.

The result is a warm and smooth dark tonality and overall large soundstage and dynamic response.

Easy to Charge

Charge your AlgoRhythm Trio using a computer or wall wart of 5v and up to 2amps. The enclosure is machined from a single durable block of aluminum. 

You can listen all day with over 8 hours of battery life.


2 amp 5 v charger; 2 silicone straps to bundle devices; USB charging cord, half-meter mini to mini cable. We suggest using a short high quality mini cable, such as our 3.5mm straight cable, for the shortest path.

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105mm x 69mm x 24mm x (118mm with knob) (4.125”x2.7”x0.875”) LxWxH


 243g (8.6oz )

Frequency response:

30Hz-100kHz ±1dB

Output power

220mW into 32Ω

140mW into 50Ω

80mW into 300Ω

40mW into 600Ω

<1 Ω Output Impedance 

Mini Tube: 

Thomson 6111 Made in France 

2 Gain Levels:

Low Gain -8db & High Gain +12db 

Power and Battery Built in 

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery Sanyo UF103450P*2 4000mAH/3.7V 


>8 hours

Recharge Time:

<4 hours 

High quality AVX tantalum capacitors, with very low internal resistance to keep output impedance <1 Ω. 

Tube heaters on regulated 5V power supply 

Step-up converter 30V 

Discrete FET output stage +/-7.5V 

The CLAT6111 power circuit has 95% synchronous rectification efficiency so that this amp can last 8hrs. Also its switching frequency is up to 1.2 MegaHertz (1.2MHz), much higher the human ear can detect (20KHz) to provide very pure and clean power.

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