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Silver Dragon Cables Creation

Original Silver Dragon Interconnect

Silver Dragon V2 Interconnect

Silver Dragon V1 Interconnect - 2003 Silver Dragon V2 Interconnect (today)

Silver Dragon Audio Cables Creation Story

Drew Baird, P.E. began creating and researching Silver Dragon audio cables more than 10 years ago.  Drew started his research by comparing other high end audio cables. He learned what made a difference in cable geometries, materials and sound quality. In the early days Drew learned a lot by doing retermination work on other people’s cables.

“Retermination work" is when customers asked Drew for a different length or they changed their hifi audio setup needing Drew to reterminate existing cables to fit new equipment.

Drew discovered differences from one cable to the next. Pulling them apart helped Drew learn what helped or hurt the music. He learned price wasn’t a quality guarantee. Drew’s goal was simple but it required a lot of research - create a cable with the qualities of uber-expensive audio cables at a much better value. Value was important to Drew’s mission to help customers HEAR music as intended.  

“If we can build it, we will” became Drew’s and Moon Audio’s guiding idea and how Drew guides Moon Audio today!

Discover The Difference Drew’s Silver Dragons can make in your music.

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