Cardas HDMI Cable

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2.5 meter HDMI cable - Longer lengths available via Special Order. Contact us for more information.

The Cardas HDMI is one of the highest quality HDMI interconnects you'll find anywhere, at any price, PERIOD

Advanced Golden Ratio geometry with Constant Q and Cross-Field construction joins forces with Pure Copper Litz wiring for maximum signal transfer of delicate high-frequency digital information. 19 pins HDMI A type plug.

This latest version features:

  • An additional high-speed, bi-directional, HDMI 100 Mb/sec Ethernet channel
  • An additional audio return channel to reduce the number of cables.
  • Standardized input/output of 3D formats and resolutions up to dual-stream 1080p resolution.
  • Support for 4K x 2K resolution, four times 1080p, rivaling many digital theaters.
  • Expanded support for for digital still camera color spaces: sYCC601, Adobe RGB and Adobe YCC601.

The details of the new 1.4 standard may be read HERE


Technical Features

Outside Diameter
Dielectric Type
Teflon®, Air
Discrete Conductors
2.5 meters
Cable AWG
Shield Type
Conductor Type
Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Copper Litz