Bryston Wireless Adapter

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With the BDP Wifi Adapter you no longer need to run a network cable to your digital player or set up a WiFi bridge or Powerline AV kit. This adapter is compatible with all hardware versions of the BDP when they are running firmware version S2.36 or greater.

The Bryston wireless adapter is compatible with most wifi networks based on the 802.11n standard. Naturally, performance and speed are largely dependent on distance from the wifi access point and interference from physical obstructions and competing wifi traffic from other nearby devices and networks. The theoretical maximum throughput is 130mbps which is far beyond what is needed to stream high resolution audio from an NAS or TIDAL.

The adapter kit includes a short USB extension cable which allows some flexibility in placing the wifi adapter in order to obtain the best wifi reception. If you experience audio dropouts or difficulty controlling the BDP from your network connected device, experiment with using the extension cable and placing the adapter away from your audio equipment to try and get better signal.

To install the wifi adapter, simply remove the white protective cap, and insert the adapter into any free USB port on your BDP. Disconnect any other network cable. Reboot the BDP and follow the instructions in the Owner's Manual.



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