Target Audio HR Loudspeaker Stand

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Target Audio High Rigidity (HR) Loudspeaker Stands for Bryston Home Theater

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Bookshelf loudspeakers were never really meant to be placed on the bookshelf. When set upon a speaker stand and placed properly in the room, they can have a neutral tone, great clarity, and a holographic soundstage. Target speaker stands are available in 4 varieties and 3 heights each so there is an appropriate model for nearly any bookshelf speaker you choose.

FS series are the least expensive and feature two cylindrical columns. HS stands feature a heavier square profile riser. HR stands are heavier yet and include two rectangular profile risers. MR stands are the most rigid and feature 4 rectangular risers plus a thicker bottom plate. All stands are fillable with mass loading media such as shot or aquarium rocks. Sand is not recommended.

Generally, the larger and heavier your speaker, the heavier the stand you are recommended to use. An optional top plate is available for the MR stand that permits mounting Bryston Mini T loudspeakers using the speakers’ existing threaded holes.



  • Heights Available: 50cm/20”, 60cm/24”, 70cm/28”
  • Top Plate: 6” x 8”, 0.09” thick
  • Base: 9” x 11”, 0.187” thick


  • 4 Rectangular Risers
  • 2 Top Plates
  • 2 Bases
  • Bolts
  • Wrench
  • Carpet Spikes
  • Isolation Spikes
  • Rubber Pads
  • Assembly Instructions