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Bryston PS-3 Power Supply


Minimize noise in your Bryston phono and line level preamplifiers with an external power supply.

Minimize noise in your Bryston phono and line level preamplifiers with an external power supply. By separating power supply electronics from sensitive audio electronics, noise and distortion can be minimized. The PS-3 is basically a single-channel version of Bryston's MPS-2. If you have multiple Bryston products that require an outboard power supply, the MPS-2 is the right choice.

Every amplification circuit is built on a power supply. Bryston’s new PS-3 Power Supply transforms your AC line voltage into an ultra-stable and linear DC voltage used by your gain stage. Bryston’s new BP2 Phono Preamplifiers are powered by a Bryston DC power supply such as the PS-3 or MPS-2 and provide the voltage gain your turntable needs to interface with the rest of your stereo equipment.

By moving the power supply to a separate box away from the audio electronics, Bryston eliminates the possibility that the high voltage and current present in this crucial stage contaminate the small signals from your phono cartridge. Bryston includes a customized DC power interconnect used to mate your BP2 to your PS-3. The PS-3 is also a less expensive but equally effective power supply for the BP-26 preamp for users who don’t need the extra DC outputs the MPS-2 provides.

"I don’t exactly know if Bryston had finding future customers in mind or if the Canadian company wanted to please its many admirers and users first. In either case, we can safely say Mission Accomplished!" - Adrien Rouah, [email protected] TED

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Bryston PS-3 DC Power Supply


  • Power Consumption: 120V/60Hz: 4 Watts, 220V/50Hz - 4 Watts, 240V/50Hz - 4 Watts
  • AC input and DC output
  • All steel chassis provides excellent shielding against environmental noise
  • Fully analog power supply, toroidal transformer
  • Highly effective filtration and regulation provides clean DC output.


  • 2.75" H x 5.7" W x 8.25" D
  • 57mm H x 145mm W x 210mm D
  • 5.4 lb/2.5 kg

Compatible with the following:

  • BP-26 Preamplifier
  • BP-2 MM Phono Preamplifier
  • BP-2 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier
  • BDP-π Digital Music Player (cannot be used in conjunction with bus powered external hard drives)


  • Available with a silver or black faceplate

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