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Bryston MPS-2 Power Supply


NEW Bryston MPS-2 Power Supply

The Bryston MPS-2 Power Supply is designed to eliminate power-supply noise interference and can only be used in conjunction with specific Bryston devices.

Devices Supported: BP20, BP25, BP26, BP1.5 Phono Stage

Available in Silver and Black Faceplate

The MPS2 outboard power supply provides bipolar DC power for the various Bryston preamps and crossovers, including the BP26 series of preamps, the BP1.5 Phono equalization stage and 10B crossovers specifically designed to be used with external power supplies (10B-LR-EPS, 10B-STD-EPS & 10B-SUB-EPS) . The MPS2’s power ON/OFF switch is a toggle switch is located on the front panel along with a green LED to indicate power ON.

MPS-2 C-Series Power Supply

New high current output power supply.

Power supply allows attachment of up to 4 different Bryston components.

Lower noise and distortion.

Huge new ultra-low-noise power transformer.

68000 MFD of Capacitance.

Quick connect 12 volt trigger output.

Switchable 'mute' triggers on each of the 4 outputs.

Re-settable automatic overload protection on each output.

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Manuals and Guides
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Bryston C-Series Preamplifiers, Integrated Amplifiers, Phono Stage, DAC
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Bryston BPS-2 Power Supply

Dimensions:  17" x 2.25" x 11"
Weight: 15.5 lb (7.03Kg)









37V / 250mA

12V / 350mA

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