Bryston Middle T Loudspeaker

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The Bryston Middle T Loudspeaker drives high quality sound with a smaller footprint than the Model T.

The Bryston Middle T 4 driver 3-way semi-full range floor-standing speakers provides exceptional sound with a smaller footprint than the Model T. New driver designs, enclosure vibration analysis, crossover refinement, and anechoic chamber testing all went into creating an amazing product.

Power and ease meet grace and nuance in the Bryston Middle T loudspeaker. The understated style and neat proportions yet extraordinary performance of this model make it ideally suited for home theater or stereo use in rooms which demand world class fidelity without the towering visual dominance of our largest floor standing models.


The Middle T offers astonishing impact and clarity for a loudspeaker of its size. Anticipate startling presence, deep and tight bass, and clear, truthful midrange and upper frequencies. The Middle T delivers a level of performance that is unqualified by size or price.


Deep bass extends to 33Hz thanks to twin 8 inch custom woofers loaded in a rear-ported cabinet. Bryston's proprietary midrange and tweeter ably replay their respective ranges with absolute accuracy in tone and detail. Both the midrange and woofers feature special ceramic-coated aluminum diaphragms, long throw suspensions, and very powerful motors. A lightning fast titanium dome tweeter achieves remarkable detail due to uncommon strength to weight ratio.


Though not as tall as the Model T, the footprint and construction philosophy remains the same. The extensively braced cabinet boasts 3/4 inch thick walls. A massive 1½ inch thick baffle ensure that the only sound you hear from these speakers comes from the unique set of purpose built drivers.


Black fabric grilles are standard. Also included as standard equipment are padded furniture feet, carpet spikes, and binding post wrench. Also available are attractive and functional outriggers with larger spikes which increase the stability of the loudspeaker.

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  • High levels of SPL without distortion or compression
  • Unit to Unit matching
  • Custom designed drivers with die-cast aluminium baskets, substantial magnet assemblies, and custom motor systems
  • Wide dispersion design
  • Engineered to prevent cabinet resonances


  • Frequency Response: 33Hz to 22Khz (+/- 3dB)
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms (nominal)
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB SPL @ 1 meter @ 1 watt (anechoic)
  • Maximum SPL: 112 dB SPL @ 1 meter
  • Recommended Power: 10 watts to 250 watts RMS
  • Tweeter: Single 1.0"
  • Midrange: Single 5.25"
  • Woofer: Double 8.0"


  • 39.5” H x 10.5” W x 16.5” D
  • 1000mm H x 267mm W x 410mm D
  • 81 Ibs (37 kg)


  • Extra Large Out-Riggers - Equipped with larger spikes with adjustable height (via Allen key).


  • Black Ash (Wood)
  • Natural Cherry (Wood)
  • Boston Cherry (Wood)
  • Custom Veneer (Additional Cost)



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