Bryston BR4 Remote Control

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Bryston BR2 remote for controlling Bryston products is constructed of anodized aluminum with soft-touch buttons.

Bryston will begin including remotes in the boxes of the following products by March 1st.

  • B135³
  • B60R
  • BP-6
  • BP-17³
  • BP-26
  • BDA-3.14
  • BCD-3

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  • Available for use with multiple Bryston products
  • Solid machined aluminum enclosure and push buttons
  • Motion sensing backlight with power saving ambient light sensor
  • Only available in black


  • BP26, BP17, BP16, BP6 Preamplifiers
  • B100, B135, B60R, and B100³ Integrated Amplifiers
  • BCD-1, BCD-3, and BCD-3 CD Player
  • BDA-1, BDA-2, and BDA-3 External DAC
  • BDP-1, BDP-1USB, BDP-2, and BDP-3 Digital Player




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