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Bryston BLP-1 Turntable and Tonearm


The BLP-1 Turntable is engineered for remarkably accurate vinyl playback. With exceptional speed, stability, and mitigating resonances every feature represents quality.

Bryston is entering the turntable market with force with the BLP-1 record player. With the high level of engineering of Bryston products, you can expect a truly enjoyable vinyl experience. Included with the BLP-1 Turntable is the Bryston BTP-1, a Bryston designed pulse width modulation power supply which powers the BLP-1 motor and holds it at an exceptionally accurate 33 1⁄3 and 45 RPM.

The Bryston BLP-1 is a high-quality turntable suitable for vinyl record playback and includes the outboard BTP-1 motor power supply with speed control. This system was designed with fidelity to the source as the goal. Many technological developments and features are included in pursuit of this goal including the following items.

Each feature in the BLP-1 Turntable represents an effort to engineer remarkably accurate vinyl playback by holding exceptional speed stability and mitigating resonances. Included with the BLP-1 Turntable is the Bryston BTP-1, a Bryston designed pulse width modulation power supply which powers the BLP-1 motor and holds it at an exceptionally accurate 33 1⁄3 and 45 RPM.

Mount your choice of cartridge and connect to a Bryston BP2 or other high-performance phono preamplifier to enjoy exceptional sound quality and rediscover your records long forgotten. Or hear more subtleties than ever from familiar titles.

Bryston sought to achieve sonic neutrality by focusing on two specific performance criteria: resonance control for detail and resolution and pitch accuracy for tonal richness. Bryston has created a stunning turntable system that solves these age-old problems with creative and modern engineering.

Bryston BLP-1 Turntable Tonearm Detail


The unique titanium wand profile features six segments each with a different diameter to effectively disperse non-musical vibrations. The arm smoothly rotates on four micro ceramic permanently lubricated bearings. Two counterweights permit coarse and fine VTF adjustment. VTA adjustment is on the collar. Mount the cartridge of your choice on the fixed headshell with azimuth adjustment.

Bryston BLP-1 Turntable Power Supply

Power Supply

The quality of all audio electronics begins at the power source. Ultimate speed consistency and stability is critical to pitch perfection. Bryston includes the BTP-1 power supply which applies an AC-DC-AC conversion using a precision clocked pulse width modulation circuit to generate a spot-on clean AC pulse used to spin the motor with exceptional accuracy and rotational stability. Fine speed adjustments are possible by entering the strobe calibration mode.

Bryston BLP-1 Turntable Motor


Only a high-torque low-speed motor such as ours can strictly control the rotation speed of the platter without inducing vibration. To mount the motor in the plinth, we must be certain that the motor itself is silent. It is exceptionally quiet due to a modified bearing, silicone damping fluid and clean power from the BTP-1. A single pulley that exactly matches the belt profile sits on top.

Bryston BLP-1 Turntable Platter


Dense and heavy, yet acoustically inert are key characteristics of this 35mm thick Delrin® platter. No extra mat is necessary. A unique two-piece spindle couples the platter to a hardened chrome steel bearing custom manufactured in Germany. The bearing and spindle rest in an oil lubricated well lined with graphite and Teflon. An included record weight rests on top.

Bryston BLP-1 Turntable Plinth


All of the aforementioned technology is built into a heavy 30mm thick machined MDF plinth luxuriously painted in matte black lacquer. This humble yet ideal component hides one bit of ingenious engineering. Two pairs of circular grooves surround the platter bearing to divert any resonances away from the platter that would otherwise travel through the plinth and expose themselves to the cartridge.

Bryston BLP-1 Turntable Leveling Feet

Leveling Feet

A properly leveled turntable is crucial to high performance yet is so often overlooked. Level your BLP-1 using 3 feet threaded into satin aluminum risers.


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Turntable Specifications

  • Belt drive with an on-board PWM synchronous low speed / high torque motor achieves perfect belt tension and coupling to the platter without added noise
  • Dense 35mm thick Delrin® platter with integrated record mat, damps non-musical vibration yet preserves incredible detail
  • Unique vented plinth both eliminates platter turbulence and prevents vibration from reaching the bearing
  • Thick low-resonance acrylic dust cover

Titanium Tonearm

  • Seven-segment titanium arm tube with integrated headshell, virtually immune to cantilever borne vibration
  • Innovative hardened carbon-steel spindle and ultra hard bronze bearing polished to 0.02mm tolerance

Aluminum Tonearm

  • finely machined Aluminum 6000
  • 4 high-precision micro ball-bearings
  • 315mm total arm length
  • 350g total arm weight
  • 19mm overhang
  • 23mm shaft
  • 10g dynamic effective mass
  • VTF: 0.176N (18g)
  • VTA: adjustable on collar
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Anti skating: wire
  • Asimuth: adjustable with 2mm hex-bolt
  • Internal cables: AWG36 Hyper Litz shielded 99.9999% OFC
  • External cables: 1.5m custom 5-pole DIN/RCA


  • Turntable
  • Tonearm
  • BTP-1 power supply
  • Record clamp
  • Tonearm cable
  • Dust cover
  • 3-Year Bryston warranty

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