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The Bryston BDP-2 is a dedicated player for high resolution digital audio files.

Employing a modified Linux OS optimized to provide the highest quality audio performance, the BDP-2 will play high resolution audio files (up to 192k/24b) from digital storage devices without compromise.

The BDP-2 features an improved power supply, custom Intel Atom-powered motherboard, additional input options, and eight times more system memory than the BDP-1.

The Bryston BDP-2 is a state-of-the-art digital music player that can play back most high-resolution digital music formats including AIFF, FLAC & WAV files up to 24 bits @ 192 kilo samples per second (192/24) as well as standard formats and lower resolution digital music files like MP3’s. It receives digital audio inputs via any of its four USB ports. The BDP-2 outputs digital signals via its SPDIF and AES/EBU ports for connecting to an external digital-to-analog converter like Bryston’s BDA-1, which in turn delivers analog audio signals to preamps and integrated amplifiers.

The BDP-2 can be controlled locally via its front panel push-button controls using the BDP-2’s dot matrix display and by Bryston’s infra-red handheld remote control, the BR2. It can be controlled remotely via Bryston’s web apps; MINI for mobile devices and MAX for desktop computers. It can also be controlled by the iPod Touch music player or the iPad using their WiFi interface and the mPod app.

BDP-2 Features:

  • Linear power supply for audio processing circuitry
  • A separate power supply for microprocessors and for maintaining standby mode
  • Six USB-2 (USB-1.0 and 1.1 compatible) inputs: 2 on the front panel, 4 on the rear panel
  • Multiple control options:
    • Front panel push button controls
    • iPod Touch or iPhone (with mPod app) 
    • Bryston-MINI web app for mobile devices running 
    • Android or iOS 
    • Bryston-MAX web app for PC’s
    • Bryston’s BR2 hand-held infra-red remote control
  • Two digital outputs:
    • SPDIF (75 Ohm BNC female)
    • AES/EBU (3 pin XLR male)
  • Compatible with digital music file formats of up to 24 bits at sample rates up to 192 KHz including: AIFF, FLAC, WAV, MP3, M4A (MPEG-4 Audio), OGG
  • User upgradable firmware web apps
    • Optional IR Remote Control
    • Remote 12 Volt On/Off Trigger (IN & OUT via 3mm/2 conductor phone jacks)
    • Compatible with USB flash drives (Memory Sticks, Thumb Drives) and USB Hard Disc Drives
    • Cosmetically matches C-Series BP17, MPS2, BDA-3, BCD-1, etc

Control interfaces available for the Bryston BDP Digital Players that have been tested and which work well.

1. MANIC MOOSE – Preloaded Internal Bryston Software
3. RIGILIAN - Apple Store
4. SOUNDIROK – Apple Store
5. CHIMNEY – Windows Computers
6. M.A.LP. – Android Play Store
7. DROID MPD Client – Android Play Store


NETWORK: In this context, NETWORK refers to any control method that physically interconnects to the BDP-2 through its Ethernet port. These methods include Minion, a Firefox web browser add-on application and the mPod app for iPod Touch or iPhone, and similar web base applications. All computer network control methods require the use of a Web browser application. Using an iPod Touch as a remote control requires a wireless home computer network with a Web Browser. The BDP-2 interfaces to the home computer network’s router via its Ethernet port.

LOCAL: includes the front panel pushbutton switches and alpha-numeric/dot matrix display and infrared remote controls like Bryston’s BR2.
See Operational Notes for more information.

The BR2 infra-red remote control can be used with the BDP-2 to control the basic PLAY, STOP, PAUSE, FORWARD & REVERSE functions. The BR2 is a multifunction remote capable of operating not only the BDP-2, but also the BCD-1 CD player, BDA-3 digital to-analog converter and many Bryston preamps and integrated amplifiers such as the BP26, BP6, BP17 and B135. To use the BR2 with the BDP-2, set it to “D/A” mode. For more information see the BR2 Owner’s Manual.

Inputs: 6x USB 2.0, 1x eSATA, 2x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
Control: 2x RS-232 (DB9)
Audio Formats: AIFF, FLAC, WAV, MP3, M4A, OGG


  • Available with silver or black faceplate
  • 17” or  by special order 19” faceplate available (non-rack mountable)

*External DAC required for full 192K/24Hz performance, but the BDP-2 is also compatible (up to 192K) with the optional DAC modules in BP26, BP6 and BP17 cubed preamps, or B135 cubed integrated amplifiers.


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(Size: 4.3 MB)
2017 Bryston Digital Audio for Home Theater


  • Dedicated high resolution digital audio player
  • Playback from USB flash drives, as well as USB and eSATA hard disk drives (HDD)
  • Custom Intel Atom Powered Motherboard
  • Eight times more system memory then the BDP-1.
  • Improved power supply delivering over 5 amps.
  • Multiple control options (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android OS, and PC)
  • User upgradable firmware
  • NAS Connectivity supported
  • UPnP/DNLA Server supported
  • Requires external DAC (see External DAC in Digital Audio)*
  • RS-232 serial data port for remote control via Crestron, AMX or similar control systems

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