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  1. Ultrasone NAOS Hi-Res DAC for smartphones

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  2. Ultrasone Signature Studio Headphones - Open Box

    Special Price $499.00 Regular Price $599.00
  3. Ultrasone Edition 8 EX Headphones - Open Box

    Special Price $1,869.99 Regular Price $2,199.99
  4. ULTRASONE Edition 15 Headphones - Open box

    Special Price $2,599.00 Regular Price $2,999.00
  5. ULTRASONE Edition 15 Headphones

  6. Ultrasone Edition 8 EX Headphones

    Special Price $2,099.00 Regular Price $2,199.99
  7. Ultrasone Signature Pro Headphones

    Special Price $999.00 Regular Price $1,299.00
  8. Ultrasone Stock Headphone Cable

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What Ultrasone Series is right for you?

Ultrasone is a German based company that specializes in creating headphones designed for studio, DJ and consumer use. With the unique S-Logic technology that mimics the wider sound you would expect from a speaker setup, Ultrasone has established itself as very high end with a sleek, ultra modern, hand-made style.

Ultrasone Edition Series

The Edition series is Ultrasone's elite class of headphones.

Ultrasone places a lot of pride in the design and material selection of the Editions. Only very high quality and unique materials are used in these headphones.

With the Edition series you can expect a true hifi experence. The S Logic system enhances the spacial reproduction of the music giving you a wider more natural soundstage.

Ultrasone Edition 5 Unlimited with Silver Dragon premium cable

Ultrasone Edition 5 Unlimited & Silver Dragon Headphone cable

Ultrasone Signature Series

The Signature series is Ultrasone's professional use headphones.

These headphones are designed for those professionals who need a detailed precision tool on a daily basis. Those who would benefit from the Signature Series include audio engineers, DJs, musicians, camera operators and other's needing an accurate representation of music.

The Signature Series also includes Ultrasone's S Logic technology so you can get a more natural reproduction.

Ultrasone Pro & Performance Series

The Pro & Performance series are Ultrasone's most affordable headphones.

These headphones still utilize Ultrasone's superior quality but geared more towards music lovers in general.

While on the more affordable side, the Ultrasone Pro & Performance series still include the S Logic tecnhology and sound you expect from Ultrasone.

Performance 880 Headphones

Ultrasone Performance 880 & Blue Dragon Headphone cable