BMC MiniMedia All-In-One Media Solution

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The BMC MiniMedia is a professional file server / storage management system. You can upload, download or stream files from any computer in your home to the MiniMedia. Easily store all of your music, pictures and videos in one location.

Main features:

  • Highest grade audio player without any stream manipulation
  • Play PCM files up to 32bit/384kHz
  • Play DSD64 and DSD128
  • Remote controllable from smartphone, tablet or any desktop computer.
  • Stream content from your mobile

MiniMedia plays back music via any USB DAC (e.g. PureDac) at the highest level of sound quality.

You can play PCM files up to 32bit/384kHz via any compatible USB2 DAC with direct hardware access and no sound manipulation.

Also, play DSD64 and DSD128 natively via a DSD compatible USB-DAC.

The MiniMedia is also a high resolution video player. You can watch the picture via a HDMI while getting the sound via a USB using your stereo equipment. Or you can play a movie's picture and sound via HDMI, while listening to music via you USB-DAC.

AES/EBU, coaxial and Toslink digital inputs up to 24Bit / 192kHz (Toslink 96kHz)

Includes WiFi access point with transparent NAT. The MiniMedia will normally be located in living rooms so you can get a better WiFi signal and faster access to the MiniMedia and internet.

2TB of internal storage.


Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" 2.4" (WxDxH)


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