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The Blue Dragon Power Chord is back by popular demand with many improvements. It is an amazing bang for the buck power chord and our goal with dragon audio cables is always to provide the highest quality at a reasonable price so we have retained the UPOCC copper conductors.

The Geometry has been slightly altered from the original blue dragon power cord to add more flexibility. The outer jacket is much more pliable to make the dreaded IEC connection droop less of an issue and the overall outer diameter (OD) is around 11 mm which was reduced from 12.5 mm, to help with flexibility. The conductor size remains constant at around 12 AWG.

UPOCC stands for Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC). This is not a material but a way of extruding copper to prevent any impurities and fractures in the crystalline structure of the wire. The wire is drawn very slowly to cast as an almost perfect single crystal small diameter conductor. The resulting purity and the size of the cast wire makes a tremendous difference and there is less damage to the near-perfect cast state. We find this UPOCC process produces a very clean and close to neutral sound in our copper-based cables.

We double shield the cable to ward off all outside interference. Shielding is paramount in power cables, not only to protect it but to eliminate the power lines from corrupting your line level interconnects in close proximity.

The cable can be covered with a layer of Techflex braiding for added wear protection and good looks. Contact us for this option. We will be offering the cable with either the Cardas Rhodium male and female connectors. The Cardas power connectors feature a copper base with a Rhodium over Silver plating. As an upgrade option, we will be offering the Furutech FI-28(R) Connectors. These utilize α (Alpha) pure-copper rhodium-plated conductors. For the Shuko EU or European connector option, we are utilizing the Furutech FI-E38 (R). Other country options are available via special request. Please contact us for pricing.

Press and Reviews

Headphone Guru Review

by Gary Alan Barker
Jun. 2018


Technical Details

  • 3-12Awg Stranded high purity slow drawn UP-OCC Copper conductors
  • Stranded sections: 1 for the positive 1 for the negative and 1 for the ground
  • Single aluminum foil shield
  • Silver plated copper 100% coverage shield
  • CL3 insulation and PVC jacket