Choosing an Installation Type for Custom Cables

Which Headphone Installation Type to choose?

You will find as you browse through the headphone listings on Moon Audio's website, that in most cases we offer 3 custom audio cable attachment methods.

The first option is Stock. Stock means there is no cable upgrade and you prefer to receive the phones in stock form, no cable upgrade. You will also need to choose the Stock option from the pull-down menu for both the Cable and Connector.  If you want the stock cable connectors to be upgraded, you will have to call Moon Audio for pricing. The connector options are for the upgrade cables only but we will always accommodate you if we can as we love our customers.  :)

Stock Beyer DT1350 Before the Moon Audio upgrade cable is added...

The second installation type is the Hardwired Split Mod. What Moon Audio does with this installation type is we remove the stock cable and hardwire or solder the upgrade cable to the drivers. If the headphones currently use a single cable entry, then we create a connection option where there was none previously.   I know, its pretty might call our engineers "artists" as its all done by hand, every day here at Moon Audio.  We customize high-end audio here every day...and it's our pleasure and yours...we hope. :)

For Example, the Beyerdynamic T70's stock cable is attached to the left cup only and a signal wire is sent through the headband to the right ear cup. Moon Audio removes this wire, cuts a hole in the right cup, and we add 2 new entry grommets.  Now both sides look uniform and the Beyerdynamic T70 headphones look as if they were born this way. :)  Moon Audio then runs each leg of the cable directly to each driver.  It is to the headphones benefit to run the signal wire directly to each driver to eliminate any unbalanced effects on the signal path.

Beyer DT1350 w/ Blue Dragon Headphone Cable Beyerdynamic DT1350 w/ Moon Audio Blue Dragon V3 Headphone cable and Hardwired Split Mod.

The Blue Dragon Headphone Cable now enters both cups on the DT1350 and is soldered directly to the drivers.  The cross cable has been removed and the holes in the top of the cup have been plugged.

More on the 3rd installation type called the Detachable Split Mod tomorrow.

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