What is a Headphone Adapter System?

What is a Headphone Adapter System?

In addition, to the installation types explained above, Moon Audio also offers what we call a headphone adapter system. Instead of using multiple headphone cables with different lengths and connector types, we will build you a main body cable based on the length you require with the appropriate attachment for your headphone.

On the amplifier connection end, we will outfit the cable with the mini Switchcraft 4 pin male XLR. This connector is a balanced connector as it offers separate right and left, positive and negative connection points. Moon Audio will then make you a series of short or long adapter cables to connect to various source connection types.  We will use the female equivalent of the 4-pin mini XLR and use the connection type required on the source or amp end.

Many headphone amp vendors are using uncommon output jacks. For example, the Ray Samuels SR71b, and the IBasso PB2 both have uncommon output jacks on their amplifiers.  Moon Audio can build you an adapter cable for each. And then, for example, lets say you have a balanced home headphone amp that uses Dual 3pin Male XLR's and the amp location is not close. Well, we can build you a long adapter cable to reach from your favorite listening chair to the amp. This provides you with a portable and a home connection solution. The adapter cable types are as limitless as there are connectors available for them.

Example of an adapter system

Ultrasone Edition 8 Headphones with Silver Dragon Adapter Cables

Seen above is a pair of Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones. Moon Audio has replaced the stock cable with a 5ft Silver Dragon V3 Headphone cable that utilizes a Switchcraft Mini 4 pin Male XLR.  This connection point allows for adapters to be made that either provide a balanced termination or a single ended termination.

What is seen in the picture is a 6" Silver Dragon adapter with the Balanced plug used for a RSA SR71b or ALO Rx MK3-b. The Ray Samuels RSA SR71B or the ALO Rx Mk3-b are both portable balanced headphone amps. The second 6" Silver Dragon Adapter Cable has a mini 1/8" plug for single ended portable amplifiers or direct connection to a portable media player like the iPod.  The 3rd cable in the picture is not an adapter but a Silver Dragon LOD to mini cable.  This cable provides a true line out signal from an Apple iDevice such as the iPhone 4s and before and the iPad, etc.  Look for a new version of this for the iPhone 5 since Apple is now incorporating a new plug style called the Lightning connector.

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