USB Charging Optimized for Portable Audio

USB Charging Portable Audio

The Tronsmart 5V 3 Amp USB Charger is great to optimize charging portable audio devices. Since the explosion of portable audio devices, many people find themselves collecting multiple low amperage chargers that are included with the purchase of a new portable amplifier, dac or digital audio player. 

Tronsmart USB Quick Charge 3.0 & VoltiQ technology

When it comes to high-end portable Digital Audio Players or portable Amplifier/DAC combos, the lower amperage cannot compete with the Quick Charge 3.0 & VoltiQ technology seen in the Dual USB-A 36W wall charger by Tronsmart. The importance of a high amperage USB charger cannot be underrated. Please see our detailed examples below of why this Tronsmart USB charger is important to add to your portable audio system.

Computer USB Ports

Charging your device via Computer USB ports, USB hub strips, and power strips is not an effective way to power up your portable audio devices. Many of these carry a lower amp rating and can create unwanted noise when charging as a result of an underpowered charger being used. We recommend plugging your USB charger directly into a wall AC outlet in conjunction with a properly rated USB charger. This often soles many charging issues. 

Chord Mojo Charging

The Chord Mojo is one of the most successful portable DAC headphone amplifiers. This device has a trickle charger, so whenever it is plugged into the wall to charge, it always defaults the Amp/DAC circuit to DC power vs. AC. Chord Mojo Product ShotThis provides a cleaner & quieter sound while operating off the device's battery. 

DSD Audio Processing

When the Chord Mojo is processing DSD audio, the unit has a larger demand on the battery. On a lower amperage charger, the Mojo will use power faster than it can recharge and will eventually shut off. Therefore, a USB charger with a rating of at least 2 Amps is required. However, a 2.4 to 3.0 amperage charger is more ideal. We have found that the Tronsmart 3 Amp USB charger solves all these issues and thus why we are offering it to our customers.

Astell & Kern CD Ripper

The Tronsmart has also solved issues with Astell & Kern CD Ripper. When ripping CD's, a lot of amperage is required to get the driver to work properly. Underrated chargers cause the ripper to stop halfway through the ripping process. Astell & Kern AK CD RipperIf you are using the Astell & Kern CD Ripper directly connected to your Astell & Kern portable DAP, then just one charger is required. However, if you are using your Astell & Kern CD Ripper with the AK380 Dock, then we recommend a second charger or the Tronsmart which includes 2 ports for charging.

Android Phones

The Tronsmart has smart charging technology so if you have a Quick Charge device, such as a newer generation Android phone, it will auto-sense this function and Quick Charge the device. Most portable audio devices don't have Quick Charge, however thanks to the higher amperage in the Tronsmart, this will yield faster charges than lower rated devices.

We would have never thought that USB chargers could be so important to this audiophile passion of ours but as you can see, it is a critical part of the equation to keep your audio portables properly powered.

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