Three Audio Upgrades To Love Your Music Again This Summer

Roon Labs, makers of the new Roon Nucleus home music streaming network, defines the problem for today’s music lovers well:

“In the transition from physical to digital media, something has been lost. We have more convenience, but no feeling of excitement or engagement.”

Back in the day music engaged many senses.

    • Sight

      Album art became the paintings of baby boomer youth. We may not have known a Rembrandt from a Warhol, but we instantly recognized The Beatles Sgt. Peppers, Blondie’s Parallel Lines and Warhol’s banana for Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground.

    • Album art became the paintings of baby boomer youth. They may not have known a Rembrandt from a Warhol, but they instantly recognized The Beatles Sgt. Peppers, Blondie’s Parallel Lines and Warhol’s banana for Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground.
Summer Music Blondie Parallel Lines album art image Summer Music Lou Reed album art image Summer Music Sgt. Peppers album cover art image
  • Touch
    Removing a favorite album from a large collection created anticipation. Holding a twelve-inch album, removing the sleeve, cleaning the vinyl created intimacy and more anticipation.
  • Smell
    Albums smell different. Double albums might still have had dope in the crease from the last time it was used to clean pot (another thing gone). Albums from Europe called “imports” and at a premium price, smelled different.
  • Sound
    Vinyl records, even with the inevitable scratches, skips, and pops, sounded like freedom, the beach, and riding in cars with friends. And don’t get us started on those tapes the ones sure to get caught in the player at the worst times. Days of our lives, days we won’t get back, spent trying to spool our favorite music back onto the flimsy plastic gear because we couldn't afford the replacement cost.

Convenience Versus Love

We are asked to make decisions between convenience and quality all the time these crazy digital days. All the music in the world is within easy reach (convenience) with soulless digital sound and less engagement with album art, band information, and memories associated with playing our favorite records

Music lovers face two problems - sound and experience.

Summer Audio Upgrades

Audio gear such as headphones, digital to analog converters (DACs), digital players (DAPs), amplifiers, and cables can be sonically matched to help digital music sound better, warmer, and less soulless. “Sound better” is how's mission. 

Moon Audio’s Dragon audio cables help even the best high-end gear such as Focal Utopia headphones, Chord Mojo digital to analog converter (DAC), and the Chord Hugo 2 DAC. Here are Moon Audio founder Drew Baird’s summer recommendations to upgrade your audio gear.

Mobile Music at the Beach

Headed to the beach? Drew recommends a pair of Shure KSE1200s, a Chord Mojo digital to analog converter, a Silver Dragon plus Apple CCK cable (to connect the DAC) and Blue Dragon cables to connect your Mojo to the electrostatic Shure earphones.

Summer Music Shure KSE1200 IEMs image Shure KSE1200 IEM Summer Music Chord Mojo DAC image Chord Mojo DAC Summer Music Apple CCK Silver Dragon image Silver Dragon + Apple CCK

Summer Musical Staycation

Sart your home system upgrade with a Roon Nucleus music streaming network. Roon’s software helps to recover much of the missing musical experience. Their hardware easily becomes your music’s hub, traffic cop, archive, and friend. Roon reaches across the web to gather photos, bios, reviews, lyrics and even concert dates so your guests will know what is playing and why.

If you haven’t added a digital to analog converter we suggest either the Chord Mojo or Chord Hugo. Both DACs are excellent additions. Mojo diminutive size is great for mobility, connecting to smartphones and pads. Hugo 2’s sound is fast, furious, and beautiful.

Finally, step up to a pair of Focal Clear headphones with Silver Dragon cables. As one of our reviewers noted, “From top to bottom (cabled with a Silver Dragon) by far the most balanced phone I have heard.” We agree and Drew recommends Silver Dragon cables for the Focal Clear cans.

Summer Music Upgrades Roon Nucleus image Roon Nucleus Summer Audio Upgrades Chord Hugo 2 image Hugo 2 DAC
Summer Audio Upgrades Focal Clear headphones image Focal Clear

Musical Mountain Retreat

Looking to upgrade your vacation home stereo? Why not upgrade with new gear you can easily take back home so the bears don't get into it. 

Start with a Roon Nucleus. Most burglars won’t know what the Roon does. They are unlikely to steal it. Still worried? Keep all your summer audio upgrade boxes so you can pack your great sounds to the mountains. Imagine a cool summer breeze, a glass of wine, a great meal and your favorite music drifting into the fields. 

Next, upgrade your speakers. Add a compact pair of Focal Shape 40 speakers connected to a Chord Hugo 2 DAC, these magical monitors are powered so no need for an amp or preamp. Connect your iPhone with Black Dragon and Apple CCK (iPhone to the Chord Hugo 2), and use 12’ of Black Dragon interconnects between the Focal speakers and your Hugo 2. DAC.

Summer Music Upgrades Roon Nucleus image Summer Music Upgrades Focal Shape 30 speaers Summer Audio Upgrades Chord Hugo 2 image
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