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  1. KANN CUBE - A Comparison with the Original

    KANN CUBE - A Comparison with the Original
    How does the new KANN Cube stack up to the already popular KANN from Astell and Kern's lineup? Some major upgrades make the Cube a must have. Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the Astell and Kern KANN. Not only is it named after one of the most infamous and greatest movie villains of all time* (kinda), but it's also a great digital audio player to boot. We've been getting a lot of questions here in the office about the new Cube that was just announced and will be released soon...[read more]
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  2. Moon Audio Headphones Market Makers

    Moon Audio Headphones Market Makers Headphones Market Makers There it was. I'd stumbled on a truth I knew - was helping new headphones, DAC and high-resolution music and media players gain traction, become known and establish brands. In the Google Trends chart above searches tower above new brands or products being helped by Drew Baird and’s advocacy, passion, and support. Finally...

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