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  1. KANN CUBE - A Comparison with the Original

    KANN CUBE - A Comparison with the Original
    How does the new KANN Cube stack up to the already popular KANN from Astell and Kern's lineup? Some major upgrades make the Cube a must have. Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the Astell and Kern KANN. Not only is it named after one of the most infamous and greatest movie villains of all time* (kinda), but it's also a great digital audio player to boot. We've been getting a lot of questions here in the office about the new Cube that was just announced and will be released soon...[read more]
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  2. Focal Stellia Headphones: A Closed Back Answer to Utopia?

    Focal Stellia Headphones: A Closed Back Answer to Utopia?

    Introducing the Focal Stellia Headphones, a new reference closed back headphone from Focal, a world leader in the manufacturing of high-fidelity speakers, home audio, and car audio for more than 35 years. With the introduction of the Focal Utopia and Elear headphones in 2016, Focal entered the competitive headphone market and truly positioned themselves as game-changers in the industry for creating...
  3. Focal Elegia - Focal Rocks Closed Back Headphones

    Focal Elegia - Focal Rocks Closed Back Headphones

    Focal Elegia closed-back headphones were a somewhat poorly kept secret. I received a pair of Focal's new closed-back cans this morning at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival and liked what I've heard so far. Standing in a booth at the RMAF is not optimal for listening to write a review, but Focal Clear with more bass would is my first...
  4. Chord Qutest DAC FAQ

    Chord Qutest DAC FAQ

    Chord Electronics announced their newest device at CES this week, the Chord Qutest DAC.  The Qutest is a home-audio DAC designed to replace the existing 2Qute.  This audio device takes design and features from the award winning Hugo 2. Qutest is a pure DAC, it does not contain headphone amplification or batteries like the portable Hugo 2.  It is intended to...
  5. JH Audio Lola IEMs News

    JH Audio Lola IEMs News

    The Los Angeles Audio Show 2017 was a great success June 2-4th. We interviewed Andy Regan with JH Audio about their new Lola IEMs. Interviews with Chord, Sonoma, and MyTek about their new products will be added to our blog later this week so please stay tuned. Drew Baird interviewed Andy Regan, President of JH Audio, about the new JH...
  6. Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

    Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

    We're headed to Los Angeles Audio Show 2017, June 2nd - 4th at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles, California.   Please visit our table in the Headgear Room at Booth 121. Mention the code (at our table): Dragon For FREE Moon Audio Bands for your gear (up to 6 per person). Share a Dragon Audio Cable testimonial at the show (on camera...
  7. The Mighty KANN

    The Mighty KANN

    The NEW Single DAC, AKM4490 The Kann Music Player by Astell & Kern utilizes the same DAC chip from the 300 Series Players and the same bit to bit playback as the AK380. What's different? Answer: quite a bit. KANN Music Player Features Features of the Astell & Kern Kann Music Player includes: 32bit/384kHz Bit to Bit Playback & Native DSD Playback. 6200mAh battery...
  8. Chord Poly - Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Module

    Chord Poly - Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Module

    Chord Poly - Mate to Mojo The Chord Poly, a Bluetooth wireless streaming module to pair with the Chord Mojo was announced at CES in Las Vegas last night, January 5th, 2017.  The new Poly Wireless Streaming Module extension at 50mm x 62mm x 22mm pairs perfectly with the award-winning Chord Mojo headphone amp/DAC.  Poly Features Poly features new Bluetooth A2DP, WiFi...
  9. Chord Mojo Rising

    Chord Mojo Rising

    Chord Mojo Rising Chord Electronics new Mojo DAC (Digital Analog Converter) reminds us how many musical revolutions started in England. The Beatles, Stones and Sex Pistols defined the music of their and our times. Chord Electronics, located in a pump house built in 1878 not far from London in the village of Maidstone, is creating a new portable digital music...
  10. Sennheiser Momentum Goes Wireless

    Sennheiser Momentum Goes Wireless

    At #CES2015 this week in Las Vegas, Sennheiser unveiled their upgraded Momentum headphones and we're impressed. We have been fans of the Sennheiser Momentum headphones since they were introduced. We think they deliver a fantastic sound at a very affordable price, and now they also offer a Wireless option. MOMENTUM (M2 AEi/G) The 2nd generation of the Momentum headphones include the following improvements...

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