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  1. Chord Qutest DAC FAQ

    Chord Qutest DAC FAQ
    Chord Electronics announced their newest device at CES this week, the Chord Qutest DAC.  The Qutest is a home-audio DAC designed to replace the existing 2Qute.  This audio device takes design and features from the award winning Hugo 2. Qutest is a pure DAC, it does not contain headphone amplification or batteries like the portable Hugo 2.  It is intended to be used with your home audio setup to improve the sound quality. Qutest Design The Qutest chassis is built from machined aircraft-grade aluminum allowing for a single solid exterior.  The Qutest is heavier than its predecessor (2Qute) which helps to...
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  2. Hugo 2 DACylicious

    Hugo 2 DACylicious

    The Chord Hugo released in 2014 was a game changer in the DAC industry as we shared in 2014 here.  As Chord Electronics started the Hugo 2 DAC design, they looked for everything that could be improved upon with the original Hugo. Chord read the forums, listened to feedback from Hugo owners, and thus engineered flexible new features with next-generation technical and sonic performance.  ...

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