High End 2015

  1. Munich #HighEnd2015 Show Update

    Munich #HighEnd2015 Show Update
    After a great day at the High End Show in Munich, Germany, here's a quick overview of the hifi gear that we are excited about adding to Moon-Audio.com. Get more updates at https://www.moon-audio.com/high-end-show-2015 KingSound: Featured at High End Show 2015 in Germany, these headphones have a similar look and feel to the previous KS-H3 but they are portable and they have detachable cables.  Yes, we will be upgrading the cables very soon with #dragon cables. KS-H4 King Sound KS-H4 Electrostatic Headphones King Sound KS-H4 Electrostatic Headphones M-03 Electrostatic Portable Headphone Amplifier Lightweight in design and the 13-hour battery life help your electrostatic headphones portable and...
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