1. Great Audio Geek Contest Update - Where Do You Fit In?

    Great Audio Geek Contest Update - Where Do You Fit In?
    Audio Geeks - we're looking for you! Learn More About and ENTER Greatest Audio Geek Contest Geeks Are Global Great geeks from around the world are sharing their audio gear, favorite music, and stories. The search for the great geeks has entries from India, Norway, Ukraine, Austrailia, and Canada. We've received the most entries from California, but we've heard from Michigan, Alabama, North Carolina, and New Hampshire too.  Audio Geek Brands We've had twice as many brand references as entries. Audiophiles know their brands. Here are the top 10 brands mentioned. There are twenty more brands, and some that were new to...
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  2. Chord Mojo Contest Winners

    Chord Mojo Contest Winners

    Congratulations Chord Mojo Contest Winners! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped to spread more #Mojoy with the Chord Mojo. 1st Place Wins a New Chord Mojo DAC   Stefan Klek  2nd Place Wins a Silver Dragon + CCK for Chord Mojo   Scott Cornwill 3rd Place Wins a $25.00 Moon Audio Gift Card   You shared #MoJOY than we could...
  3. Chord Mojo Contest

    Chord Mojo Contest

    Spreading #MoJOY Our Chord Mojo Contest has received 5 strong entries and we love hearing your stories!  There's no doubt 2016 has been the Year of the Chord Mojo. The Chord Mojo DAC delivers incredible detail and clarity on-the-go for Audiophiles, Music Lovers, and Musicians all over the world. Chord Electronics won two Best DAC awards for the Chord Mojo in 2016 with...
  4. Hack Headphones Contest 2015

    Hack Headphones Contest 2015

    Win A $1,000 Headphones Hack! * Hack Headphones Contest 2015  Entering is easy! 1. TAKE A PICTURE of your headphones and music setup. 2. POST your headphones + setup picture with hashtag #hackheadphones to: Twitter with "cc. @moonaudio" Hack Headphones Contest on Instagram Facebook and share with MoonAudio email to [email protected] 3. Best picture + "Why I want my...
  5. Headphone Reviewers announced

    Headphone Reviewers announced

    After a whopping 427 votes, we are excited to announce the Ambassador Review Contest Winners! Thanks so much for cheering on your friends, comrades, fellow music lovers & audiophiles.  We know they appreciate your support & votes!   Review Highlights Below are some of our FAVORITE headphone & hifi gear review highlights from each ambassador.  They have done the listening sessions...

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