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chord poly connections

  1. Chord Poly Setup Tips

    Chord Poly Setup Tips
    Chord Poly is a Portable Wireless Streaming device to pair with Mojo by Chord Electronics.  Please find our Chord Poly How To Setup Guides below to help you set up your Poly and how to connect Poly to various different configurations including your network, phone, Roon, aandroid, Roon, Tidal, AK Connect, 8Player and BubbleUPNp. Direct Links below will show you how to get to each how to document and what each guide includes. Chord Poly: Setup Tips  Please read the Poly manual carefully. Poly needs to be fully charged before you use it. Poly charges best when connected to a charger...
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  2. Chord Poly Connections Videos

    Chord Poly Connections Videos

    Chord Poly Connections to Chord Mojo The Chord Poly is the perfect companion for the Chord Mojo. Featuring powerful Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, this wireless streaming module turns the Chord Mojo DAC/headphone amp into a go-anywhere mobile wireless device. Chord Electronics created six videos entitled “Poly Lessons” to help you make the most of your streaming experience with frequently asked...

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