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chord hugo

  1. Hugo Vs Hugo Squared

    Hugo Vs Hugo Squared
    Chord Hugo First Generation Chord Electronics released the Chord Hugo reference-level portable headphone amplifier three years ago at CES 2014. The Chord Hugo was a GAMECHANGER in Dac technology and sound as referenced here in my original blog post.   Chord continues to focus on creating a more convincing sonic replication for the listener, and the new Chord Hugo 2 is another example of their sound advancements.  The Hugo 2 is now available for pre-order.  This video explains Chord Electronics FPGA DAC Technology: Chord Hugo 2 Next Generation At CES 2017, Chord Electronics unveiled Hugo 2 and introduced the latest...
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  2. Moon's Old School Craftsmanship

    Moon's Old School Craftsmanship

    Black Dragons & Sennheiser HD800 Review Working at in Cary, NC a few days a week is fun, cool and keeps me in Chord Hugo DACs and Fostex TH900s headphones. If you see a "Will Work For HiFi" sign I'm probably holding it. I love working where a brilliant engineer (Drew Baird) thinks of new ideas and inspires a...
  3. The Chord Hugo Story

    The Chord Hugo Story

    Learn how John Franks, Rob Watts and the Chord Electronics R&D team changed the world of music and sound with their revolutionary Digital Analog Converter (DAC named Chord Hugo) in our new Chord Hugo Magazine. 
  4. Chord Hugo Magazine at Moon Audio

    Chord Hugo Magazine at Moon Audio

    New Chord Hugo MagazineImmediately after hearing Chord Hugo at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) founder Drew Baird began creating new Dragons. Dragons are audio cables that make even the best audio gear sound better.I'm a Moon Audio Ambassador. When Drew asked if I would like to help tell the story of Chord Electronics YES! was the immediate answer. I was...
  5. Chord Hugo - How To Setup

    Chord Hugo - How To Setup

    Chord Hugo Setup TipsA popular question at Moon Audio is:"How do I setup Sound Properties for the Chord Hugo or any usb DAC on Windows & Mac?". We know why this question is so popular. Setting correct Sound Properties on Windows PCs or Apple Macbooks is how to achieve optimal Chord Hugo or other Universal Serial Bus (USB) Digital Analog Converter (DAC...
  6. Connect iPad & iPhone To Headphone Amps & DACs

    Connect iPad & iPhone To Headphone Amps & DACs

    iPad & iPhone - 3 Ways To Connect Amps & Dacs It's easy to plug your Shure SE846 earphones or Fostex TH900 headphones into your iPad, iPhone or Apple laptop. To Connect earphones and in-ear-monitors: Select 3.5mm Stereo Rt Angle Plug Premolded from our "Connector" pulldown menu.   To Connect headphones: Select Oyaide ⅛” Diameter Stereo Plug when connecting Fostex or other full size headphones. ...
  7. HiFi-Pathway - Finding your own

    HiFi-Pathway - Finding your own

    Open the timer that you have on your smartphone. Set it to 5 minutes counting down  and go to Open your mind and senses and just pick a random review, thread or blog entry. Within seconds, if you're anything like me and like most of us always on the lookout for new gear, you're lost. When that alarm goes off, it...
  8. Moon Audio Headphones Market Makers

    Moon Audio Headphones Market Makers Headphones Market Makers There it was. I'd stumbled on a truth I knew - was helping new headphones, DAC and high resolution music and media players gain traction, become known and establish brands. In the Google Trends chart above searches tower above new brands or products being helped by Drew Baird and’s advocacy, passion and support...
  9. Chord Hugo Color Guide Explanations

    Chord Hugo Color Guide Explanations

    Do you have questions about the Chord Hugo and the color guide? Moon Audio receives alot of questions about the Hugo and the color guide weekly so we thought we would answer these live on the blog for everyone. First and foremost, the Hugo is a phenomenal product. As soon as I tried it at CES in January, I knew I wanted...
  10. Chord Hugo - Audio Cable Solutions

    Chord Hugo - Audio Cable Solutions

    The Chord Hugo is one of the HOTTEST USB DAC's on the planet right now and everyone is talking about it.  In fact, I knew the Chord was something to talk about when I first heard it at CES in January. I immediately bought it and became a dealer.  More on WHY I knew the Chord Hugo was a gamechanger in high end...
  11. Top 4 Reasons I bought the Chord Hugo at CES 2014

    Top 4 Reasons I bought the Chord Hugo at CES 2014

    I go to the Consumer Electronics Show each year in Las Vegas, Nevada during the first week in January scouting for the BEST in portable and desktop high end audio, hifi gear, and more.  I also attend to make sure Moon Audio is offering the latest gear to our customers and also for our custom audio cable research and development...

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