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  1. A&K Ultimate Ultima

    A&K Ultimate Ultima
    A&ultima SP1000 Music Player Astell & Kern's newest music player is a one-of-a-kind, high-end powerful high resolution music player equipped with the latest advanced features: Octa-core CPU for faster, smarter, smoother performance 5-inch HD display for the best viewing experience Multi-functional wheel for convenient, one finger ON/OFF control, and push/turn features Stainless Steel / Copper exterior that resists aging and external shock Faster charging, quicker file transfer Preorders Available ORDER   The new A&ultima SP1000 features faster booting times, speedy file transfers, lag-free processing and a new intuitive user interface for the ultimate player experience.  The new bezel-less design allows for...
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  2. The Mighty KANN

    The Mighty KANN

    The NEW Single DAC, AKM4490 The Kann Music Player by Astell & Kern utilizes the same DAC chip from the 300 Series Players and the same bit to bit playback as the AK380. What's different? Answer: quite a bit. KANN Music Player Features  Features of the Astell & Kern Kann Music Player includes:  32bit/384kHz Bit to Bit Playback & Native DSD Playback. 6200mAh battery...
  3. USB Charging Optimized for Portable Audio

    USB Charging Optimized for Portable Audio

    USB Charging Portable Audio The Tronsmart 5V 3 Amp USB Charger is great to optimize charging portable audio devices. Since the explosion of portable audio devices, many people find themselves collecting multiple low amperage chargers that are included with the purchase of a new portable amplifier, dac or digital audio player.  When it comes to high-end portable Digital Audio Players or portable Amplifier/DAC...
  4. Astell & Kern Music Players Menu Swipe Tip

    Astell & Kern Music Players Menu Swipe Tip

    Astell & Kern Music Players or DAPs are designed to play high resolution or “lossless” digital files.  We've created this AK Music Players FAQ blog post to help you swipe the menu simply and easily. Leather Astell & Kern Cases by Miter uphold the luxury standards set by Astell & Kern and are hand-crafted in South Korea to protect your AK...
  5. Cyber Monday on the Moon

    Cyber Monday on the Moon

    Cyber Monday 2016 is a big deal at We live on the MOON; our passion is headphones, DACs and IEMs, so anything "cyber" is near and dear to our hearts and ears. This Cyber Monday features never seen before SAVINGS and treats for your ears, hearts, and minds. The Astell & Kern "Girls" In-Ear Monitors (Layla, Rosie, Angie, Roxanne...
  6. JH Audio Siren Series IEMs & Moon-Audio Partnership

    JH Audio Siren Series IEMs & Moon-Audio Partnership

    JH Audio Siren Series IEMsWe love working with people who love music and technology as much as we do. Jerry Harvey of JH Audio is a walking "I love music poster". In addition to being one of the most talented sound engineers we know whose collaborations include time on the mixing board for Van Halen, Kiss, Morrissey, the Cult, the...
  7. Moon Audio Headphones Market Makers

    Moon Audio Headphones Market Makers Headphones Market Makers There it was. I'd stumbled on a truth I knew - was helping new headphones, DAC and high resolution music and media players gain traction, become known and establish brands. In the Google Trends chart above searches tower above new brands or products being helped by Drew Baird and’s advocacy, passion and support...
  8. Astell & Kern Media Player Explanations

    Astell & Kern Media Player Explanations

    Moon Audio has been receiving a lot of questions lately about the latest models of the Astell & Kern Portable Media Players. More specifically, people are asking "What are the differences between the new AK100 II, AK120 II and AK240 digital media players?" Here are the 3 Main Summary Points of the Astell & Kern AK100 II, AK120II and the AK240 1. The...
  9. CanMania at Capital Audiofest 2014

    CanMania at Capital Audiofest 2014

    Thanks for joining us at CanMania of the Capital Audiofest 2014 in Silver Spring, MD. Wondering what kind of headphones, audio cables, amps, dacs and other hifi gear we auditioned?  Here is a peek... Other Brands we had on the audition table: Bryston, Burson, CEntrance, Grace Design, HiFiMAN, PS Audio, Sennheiser, Shure, Vorzuge And of course... boxes full of Moon Audio's Silver, Black and Blue Dragon Cables! Come experience HiFi Sound for yourself! Join us at...
  10. NEW HiFi Portable Amps with DACs for Headphones

    NEW HiFi Portable Amps with DACs for Headphones

    Moon Audio has recently added 2 new High End portable headphone amplifiers plus dacs to the best line up of high end audio gear on the web.  Chord Electronics, manufacturer of the Chord Hugo, based the Hugo upon Rob Watts’ and Chord Electronics’ famous bespoke DAC technologies and the Hugo is the latest edition to Chord Electronics’ beautiful high-performance product...

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