Stomp: A percussionist's dream

STOMP made its way to North Carolina this past weekend to DPAC in Durham, NC with an incredible performance. The creative use of “street” objects to create a heart pounding groove is the "heart" of this popular show.  It is the brainchild of Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas of Brighton, U.K.  It originally premiered in 1991 and the show is a percussionist’s dream. Since its debut, Stomp has become a world renowned sensation. Now, as a touring Broadway show, thousands of music enthusiasts have experienced firsthand the enjoyment, excitement and enthusiasm of their celebration of music & rhythms made from just about anything you can think of.

The STOMP cast uses everything imaginable from trashcans, matchboxes, grocery carts, and Zippo lighters to create fantastic rhythms that get the heart pounding and the feet moving.  In fact, it's really hard to stay seated during the performance as you are just compelled to get up and groove, dance, wiggle and celebrate the music with them! Sunday night’s explosive performance at DPAC was an experience in percussion and groove.


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The show starts with just one man sweeping his way across the empty stage preparing the crowd for the upcoming rhythm experience of the next scene. As he escalates the groove, other performers collaborate from all parts of the stage and even from the audience. Each performer has his or her own specific rhythm they must adhere to in order to create a cohesive rhythmic groove in sync. As the beat builds, so does the intensity and the synchronization of the performers.

Performers start with brooms as they sweep and beat the handles while creating a distinctive, cohesive sound. They add matchboxes, hubcaps, garbage cans, and so much more as each object makes its own unique sound and the eight performers use them to create a musical experience like no other. At the climax, the performers play suspended from the two story stage layout banging on the various objects hanging from the set. Every time the bass hits, you even feel it in your chest. It is a very visual performance as well with the performers showing off tricks and making the audience laugh with some street humor.



The creativeness of producing sound and music from unexpected objects is what makes this show such an incredible success. One of the most memorable moments of the show is when the performers stand shoulder to shoulder at the front of the stage with just Zippo lighters. The lights in the theater are dimmed and the only light visible is the one that emanates from the lighters. The beat created is solely originating by the flicking of the lighters. Every time you hear a beat, a lighter is flicking on or off and emitting a visual representation of the rhythm you hear. It is quite a unique experience for sure. At the finale of the show, the performers even include the crowd, asking for claps, snaps, and of course, STOMPs, from our feet to keep the rhythm of the beat.

The show captures the ordinary noises we hear daily and turns them into something musical. The heavy beats and rhythm make you stop and really listen to the noises around us. There is music everywhere and as STOMP illustrates, Music is one of those universal things in life that can unite us all. We believe a major reason this show has continued to thrill audiences for 24 years is due to the new sounds, visuals and movements the performers perform that captivate audiences and make each performance as unique as the last.

Music & Dragons

Grado PS500e Black Dragon headphone cable Shure-SRH1840-with-black-dragon-v2-headphone-cable

Here at Moon Audio we love helping music lovers & audiophiles find the best sound quality for their headphones & audio gear.  We can help you define and hear the specific, individual rhythms and beats in your music with our custom cables that let your headphones breathe easier and truly allow the music to shine through.  We equate this to "removing the curtain or veil" of your headphones.  We have been creating and perfecting our audio cables since 2003.  In fact, we truly spend our time researching, creating, and improving our cable geometries, conductors, and shielding so they can improve your headphone listening experiences.

What Dragon cable would truly enhance this type of percussion in STOMP?

Unlike Jazz or Classical music, street-based rhythm tends to include a rhythmic and bass-centric beat. The Black Dragon enhances the bass in the music and amps it up a bit, but not in a harsh way. We recommend the Black Dragon for those who enjoy Electronica, Rock, Heavy Metal or similar oriented music.  There are always exceptions to these rules in music and the Sennheiser HD800 is one of these exceptions as the black dragon really complements Classical & Jazz on these cans.  The HD800 headphones are a "bass light" headphone and they are also very analytical & tipped forward a bit thus the Black Dragon is a good choice for Classical music lovers as the cable adds a smoother, fuller sound & adds back in some bottom end weight.  Overall, the two are a match made in music heaven.

Sennheiser HD800 & Black Dragon

What do these genres have in common? They tend to revolve around a groove or percussion. The Black Dragon is a fuller sounding headphone cable with more bottom end weight. It will smooth off the top end and also enhance the clarity of the individual sounds and bring them closer to you or "remove the curtain" so you can also hear each stomp and sweep that will keep your heart pumping.

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