Moon Audio is creating your SHURE Headphone cable solutions with this High End HiFi Shure April headphone audio promotions deal.

NOW through April 30th ONLY....Purchase any SHURE Headphone plus Moon Audio headphone cable package and receive $50 OFF purchases between $500 - $999 or $100 OFF purchases of $1,000 or more!

PROMO CODES are: Shure50 & Shure100

What can Moon Audio's Shure Headphone cables do for you?

  • The Black Dragon provides a fuller sound and more bottom end weight.
  • The Silver Dragon can improve the listening enjoyment of most high end headphones and it has lots of detail, great energy, and a fantastic soundstage with lots of air.

Get the most out of your Shure headphones when paired with Moon Audio's Black or Silver Dragon Shure Headphone Cables. 

For Shure Full Size Headphones:

For Shure In Ear Monitors:

Shure 1540 with Silver Dragon V3 Shure Headphone Cable

Black Dragon V1 IEM Shure Headphone Cable with Shure SE425 Headphones

Silver Dragon V1 IEM Shure Headphone Cable with Shure SE425, iQube V3 Portable Headphone AMP & DAC, and Astell & Kern AK-120 Digital Media Player

By the way... Our Black Dragon and Silver Dragon Shure Headphone Cables also fit the Ultrasone Edition 8 Romeo and the Ultrasone Edition 8 Julia.

Make SHURE to get your SHURE high end headphone and SHURE custom headphone cable fix this month with this AMAZING Moon Audio April Promotion Steal....we mean DEAL.