2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Festival

CANJAM Booth #61-62 (Rocky Mountain Event Center)

Preparing for CANJAM 2018 I was asked when I attended the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF) for the first time. I couldn't remember. 2005 was probably our first audio festival. Moon Audio and our Dragon audio cables moved from garage to an office in 2003. Heading to the Denver audio festival two years after our move sounds right.

Moon rocks we'd like to share at RMAF 2018:

New Closed Back Headphones Mystery icon

Secret New Closed-Back Headphones

We LOVE the isolation, quiet, and intimacy great closed back headphones such as Fostex TH900 create. There's no free better-sounding headphones lunch, so closed back cans usually trade sound intimacy for a less spacious soundstage.

Has a leading headphone maker solved the closed back soundstage problem? We know who but don't know what, when, and why. Once the threat of double secret probation is gone, I'll update with initial reactions, reviews, and thoughts (sometime Friday).

Hack Your Headphones Dragon logo image

Dragons Invade Denver

Contemplating leaving my day job fifteen years ago I understood a few things:

  • Cables aren't an audio manufacturer priority.
  • Better cables = better sound.
  • My Champagne audio tastes and Burger King budget has to be more common than not.
Those ideas are why Moon Audio started and why we created Dragon Audio Cables to help even the best headphones and audio gear sound better. Silver, Black, Bronze, and Blue Dragons will be flying in Denver at this weekend's RMAF. 
Silver Dragon audio cables logo image Black Dragon audio cables logo image Bronze Dragon logo image  Blue Dragon logo image
Clarity Warmth Warmth Neutrality
Silver Black Bronze Blue
Come to the Rocky Mountain Event Center and visit CANJAM booth #61-62 to hear Dragons and the best headphones in the world including (but not limited to) Focal, Hifiman, Audeze, and Sennheiser. 
Focal Utopia headphones image Focal Clear headphones image Hifiman Shangri-La Jr headphones image
Utopia by Focal Clear by Focal Shangri-La Hifiman
LCD-MX4 Audeze HD 820 Sennheiser ISINE Audeze

Chord Electronics Redefines RMAF

Who wants to hear favorite music as if for the first time? If a magical black box capable of adding detail, clarity, and beauty to how your music sounds would you want it? Answers: Yes and Chord's new Hugo M Scaler.

Chord's high fidelity revolution continues with a "digital filter" advanced enough to recover your music's soul, sound, and sensation. Combine Chord's M-Scaler with the new Hugo 2 TT and prepare to be amazed.

Chord's magical new box will help any DAC sound better. Chord's dual inputs mean listeners will experience the most significant sound quality gain when the Hugo M-Scaler paired with Hugo, Mojo or other Chord DACs and amplifiers.

Stop By Booth CANJAM Booth #61-62 to hear your music redefined.

Chord Hugo M Scaler image

Astell & Kern Plays RMAF

Digital sound and storage are now inextricably tied. Digital Audio Players (DAPs) are the new turntables. And Astell and Kern make the best DAPs in the world. Here's Ryan Waniata's note in his Digital Trends SP1000 review.

Like its predecessor, the A&ultima boasts top-level high-resolution audio support, offering support for virtually any audio file (WAV, FLAC, WMA, ALAC, APE, AAC, DSF, etc.) with a max resolution of 32bit/384kHz for PCM files and native playback of DSD files at up to 11.2MHz. A&K's “Mastering Quality Sound,” claim isn’t hype. You’ll be hard pressed to find a file at the resolution supported here outside a professional mastering or recording studio.
Visit CanJam booth #61-62 and discover how to Dragon-ify A&K's sweet-sounding DAPs.
Astell and Kern SP1000 DAP image Astell and Kern SE100 DAP image Astell and Kern SR15 dap image
SP1000M SE100 SR15

Roon, Bryston, and Aurender

We're fans of software and hardware to help manage, play, and engage with music. We also agree with a version Sun Microsystem's John Gage's famous quote, "the network is the computer." For audiophiles and music lovers, the network is about to be the music.

In a wi-fi time Roon, Bryston and Aurender understand the importance of networks to music storage, sound, and engagement. Each helps bring the fun back into your music. Each brand has robust features, well-crafted hardware, and an eye on evolution.

Find the future of music, lions, tigers, and bears at the Rocky Mountain Event Center CANJAM Booth #61-62.
Roon Nucleus music server image Bryston BDP-3 music server image Aurender A10 Music Server image
Roon Nucleus Bryston BDP-3 Aurender A10

Calling All Audio Geeks

Love audio gear, music, and technology? Enter our Audio Geek Contest to share your equipment, tell us the three albums you insist on having when stranded on an island, connect with fellow travelers around the globe, win gear and earn points.

Audio Geek Contest hero image and link

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