Questyle Audio Savings

Questyle Audio Savings

For a limited time, save $500 dollars off the Questyle Audio CAS192D DAC and CMA800R Headphone Amplifier.

Questyle Audio CMA800R Headphone Amplifier - SAVE $500

Questyle Audio CMA800R Headphone Amplifier

Questyle Audio CMA800R Current Mode Headphone Amplifier embodies a dedicated quest for perfect sound. The ability to add a second unit for True Mono Balanced operation makes this amplifier as flexible as it gets in the realm of headphone amplification. Strong, powerful and controlled, it can also be used as a wonderful Preamp as long as you have only one source.

"I heard details previously buried deep in the track. The sound was dynamic, ethereal, detailed and precise with no unpleasant artifacts of any kind. Everything you want music to be was there."

- Howard Gladstone

Piltron President

Questyle Audio CAS192D DAC - SAVE $500

Questyle Audio CAS192D DAC

The Questyle Reference System will become a benchmark for Hi-end Personal Audio, completely redefining what it means to be a flagship headphone system.

It will make a legendary and guide future headphone system design, forever changing the face of Personal Audio.

Questyle Audio QP1R Digital Audio Player (DAP) - SAVE $200

Questyle QP1R Digital Audio Player (DAP)

The Questyle QP1R High-Resolution DAP is a reference quality music player capable of driving a wide variety of headphones & IEMs.

The high-grade components such as resistors and capacitors result in higher resolution and performance supporting DSD128 & 24/192kHz PCM files.

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