PS Audio Trade-In Deal: Save on PerfectWave MKII DAC

Better Act Soon to save $1800!

This month, February only (ends March 1st), PS Audio is offering you the ability to trade in your old DAC and step up to the wonders of a PS Audio MKII PWD, complete with a $795 Bridge installed, for just $2995 shipped promptly to your door via UPS to enjoy in your home.

Here's How it Works

We're going to make this super easy and simple for you.

You have a DAC at home right now that you're depending on to help your system make the best music possible - and PS Audio has a DAC that we are confident is not only better, but that'll make your system come alive as you've never heard before.

Purchase the PWD with its free network Bridge installed for just $2995 (an $1800 savings) and we'll ship it out to your door via UPS at no additional charge once we receive your qualified trade-in DAC.

Just connect the PWD and go...

The PWD MKII is fully capable of connecting to any source you have through USB, standard coax or XLR, I2S or through your home network via a Cat 5 cable or wireless bridge.

If you want to stream through your computer, either USB or over the network, install the latest version of J River and you've instantly got music at the touch of a finger with your mobile device used as a controller.

This brings a whole new level of fun to high-end audio.

Better Act Quick!

This is the first time we've ever made this offer of a trade in plus a free Bridge and it extends through the month of February.  If you're interested, this is the time to grab a PWD/Bridge and save $1800 in the process.

We will take any make, model and cost of DAC in exchange for the $1000 discount (and free Bridge valued at $799). Contact us for any details or to "make the trade" won't be sorry!

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