Which Upgrade Cable to choose for Headphones, Part 3

Which Upgrade Headphone Cable to Choose?

Today we will spotlight our Moon Audio Black Dragon Headphone Cable...

Each headphone has its own signature. Each headphone amp driving the headphone also has a sound signature. Each of our cables also has its own signature, but the effects can vary depending on which headphone & amp combination you pair it up with.

To make it even more confusing some cables do better jobs with different music genres.  But here is the good news, Moon Audio can help guide you.  Drew will try to give a generic description of what each of the cables Moon Audio sells sound like, but keep in mind this may slightly vary depending on what gear you mate our cables with.

The Moon Audio Black Dragon headphone cable builds upon the Blue Dragon signature but adds more bottom weight and a fuller sound. The Black Dragon is a perfect fit for headphones that are thin sounding like the AKG K701. In addition, if you listen to Rap, Electronic or Pop where you want to increase the bottom end the Moon Audio Black Dragon will do just that.   The Black Dragon is a great match for the Sennheiser HD800 which lacks bass and can be too tipped forward on Solid State Headphone Amps.

If you are a Bass head, then the Black Dragon Cable will improve the bass frequencies. It is not overly warm like the Cardas headphone cable. The Black Dragon just has a fuller broader sound. If your headphone is low efficiency or power hungry like the AKG K1000 and the Hifiman HE-6, the Moon Audio Black Dragon is an excellent choice as it uses the largest conductor size of the headphone cables we install.  It is also tougher and a little stiffer than the Silver Dragon and Blue Dragon Headphone cables. But when I say stiff, that is only in reference to our other headphone cables. It is truly not really a stiff cable.

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