Mini Cable for iPod to mobile headphones

The Silver Dragon V1 IEM Portable Mini Cable for linking iPod™ and other portable idevices to headphone amps and more!

This picture below shows the new Low Profile 4.5-inch version of the original Silver Dragon V1 IEM Portable Mini Cable. This new low-profile mini cable utilizes two gold plated, high quality 1/8" Stereo Mini Plugs to provide a more compact attachment between gear. This connector also easily fits through most Phone and iDevice protective cases.

Silver Dragon_V1_iem_low_profile_mini_to_mini

The picture above also shows the connection between the iQube V3 Portable Amplifier Dac and the Cypher Labs Solo -dB Portable Dac.

When crazy bends or super slim portable rigs are used, the Silver Dragon V1 IEM Portable Mini cable is a must for improvements in detail, clarity and lots of air.

For a warmer tone to the sound please look at the Black Dragon V1 IEM Low Profile Mini Cable.

When flexibility and length are not a concern in your hifi setup, then the Silver Dragon V3 Portable Mini cable will be your best choice.

The Silver Dragon V1 IEM Portable mini cable is perfect for use where super flexibility and great sound is a must!

Silver is the best conductor and can truly enhance the sound, instrumentation and provide greater detail to the music on your portable iDevices.

Please provide Moon Audio your feedback on these once you use them so we can use that info to make these in other "realistic shorter" lengths for your customized connection needs.