Save on NEW KingSound Headphone Amp Package Deals

Drew Baird, P.E. and his first impressions of the NEW KingSound Headphone 1 (or Emporer as it was called at CES 2013 in Las Vegas) are: the Headphone 1 by KingSound is extremely detailed, fast, transparent and detailed like all electrostatic phones.  But, here is the kicker, they actually have one of the best bottom ends I have heard from an electrostatic headphone.  Drew has no doubt that this new headphone will be one of the hottest products for 2013 and Moon Audio will be selling them right here  Moon Audio newsletter and blog followers will be the first to hear when the King Sound lineup arrives…as for now…leave some feedback, ask a question and we might just have a coupon for something in our lineup today for the best one this week of 5/2/13 thru 5/6/13 worth $25.  :)


The NEW KingSound M-10 Solid State Headphone Amp is $500 or paired with the KingSound Headphone 1 its only $800 for the pair!   That includes a savings of $200!


The NEW KingSound M-20 Tube Headphone Amp is $1500 or paired with the KingSound Headphone 1 its only $1600 for the pair!  That includes a savings of $400!


Since 2002, King’s Audio Limited has been an established electrostatic loudspeaker manufacturer, with their KingSound products retailing in the UK, US, China and Australia. Based in Hong Kong, King's Audio has been advancing at a rapid rate when it comes to quality and reliability, coming from years of research in their lab and, most importantly, feedback from audiophiles across the world over the last 10 years.  KingSound makes high-quality products for their customers, bringing genuine high fidelity back into your listening room.  You can purchase their entire lineup of KingSound high-end audio speakers, amplifiers and headphone at!

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