The New Headphones Review by Gustav Lindqvist, a Moon Audio Ambassador, shares an audiophile's exploration to an unknown endpoint of testing headphones, audio gear & the music he loves. It reminds me of my personal journey of falling in love with headphone listening. We all love music and the memories music encapsulates in each of us.

Gustav's New Headphones review journey starts with his favorite album, Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section, as a first point of reference.  Gustav tests with music he knows intimately so nothing else gets in the way of his sound perception.  

I use this same method when testing new audio gear & headphones for Moon Audio. Patricia Barber's, Companion, is one of my favorite reference CD's to test gear because of the layers & multiple dimensions, it allows one to hear the subtlest of details like wine glasses clanking in the background.

Gustav's test audio system includes the Simaudio 430HA, Sennheiser HDVA 600 & HD800 headphones, our Black Dragon premium HD800 cable and our Black Dragon interconnects.  His test music includes jazz, classical, folk, and blues, all excellent choices when testing gear.  The multiple layers of music & detail in these genres helps deliver a full spectrum of listening opportunity to truly realize the gear's potential.

"My jaw dropped when the first song came flowing through the HD800’s....the sound is ridiculous (in a good way)."

Learn more & explore new headphones with Gustav on his musical journey via jazz, classical & blues music.

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