NEW Balanced Music Concept (BMC) PureDAC

Moon Audio gets requests for and sells more DAC's with built-in headphone amplifiers each week and this high-end audio category has been growing steadily each year with audiophiles and headphone enthusiasts.

Drew Baird, CEO and Founder of Moon Audio has recently, decided to add the Balanced Music Concept (BMC) Pure DAC with Built-in Headphone Amp to its "expanding Headphone Amp plus DAC category".  German based company, BMC, recently added this DAC to its line-up called the PureDAC and recently showcased the unit at CES 2013.  Drew was definitely impressed at what he heard and is thrilled to become a dealer when it launches in the U.S. in early April 2013.   The PureDAC by B.M.C. is scheduled to be around the $1600 price point in the U.S. and the first in a series of entries into the company's new PureLine which is new and at a more price conscious price point than its previous Reference-Level models.  Another favorite headphone amp plus DAC of Drew's is the Fostex HP-A8C 32 bit Dac Headphone Amplifier.  Come on over to Moon Audio and we'll ship the Fostex Hp-A8c for free in the U.S. every day.

The PureDAC’s rear panel offers the choice of asynchronous USB, AES/EBU, Toslink and coax digital inputs, and balanced (XLR) and RCA outputs.  B.M.C.'s PureDAC is sure to thrill the design and price conscious consumer at its $1600 price point coupled with the ease of changing out the unit as a DAC/headphone amp and then integrate this same DAC into their loudspeaker based home system.

Balanced Music Concept also employs the design element of their LEF (Load Effect Free) technology that handles a speaker's current demand separately from the voltage demand.  This, in turn, helps streamline internally the DAC's circuitry.  The PureDAC can additionally be connected straight to one of the company's amplifiers which can make signal purity easier and emphasize overall sound quality in the listening system.

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