Silver Dragon IEM & LOD Cables Win Writers Choice Awards

"I'm Never Giving Mine Up...

If making deep connections with your music is important, products like the Silver Dragon cables can act as a conduit to that grand connection"

-Michael Mercer, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 64, Writer's Choice Awards 2012

Silver Dragon LOD 6" $65 | 3 ft $115 

Silver Dragon IEM Cable $185

Positive Feedback Writer's Choice Award Winners 2012

Here is the FULL REVIEW...for those of you that are curious and want to read the entire review :)

Best Portable Music Rig Ever!!

Moon Audio Silver Dragon IEM & LOD cables NEW

Like the ALO RxMK3-B, Moon Audio's Silver Dragon line, specifically their IEM and LOD cables, are an essential component of my portable audio rigs. I use the IEM cables with my JH Audio JH-13 Pros, my reference (a sonic marriage made in heaven by the way) and the LOD cable on my iPod Classic and iPad2. I'd love to take credit for discovering these fantastic cables, but I have Jerry Harvey of JH Audio to thank for that. Now, when the founder and lead designer of your favorite IEM tells you to check out a particular set of cables, saying they enhance the performance of his product, it's advisable to follow his instructions. You may not prefer the results, we're all vastly different that way, but I don't shudder when Jerry believes in a product so deeply he offers it on his own website.

When they arrived I wondered if they could even meet my expectations, let alone exceed them. I already loved the sound of my JH-13 Pros with the stock cables. In fact, as I stated in my review of the JH-13 years ago. They changed my entire outlook when it came to the possibilities for musical integrity in a tiny in-ear monitor. They blew my world wide-open in that regard. How was anything going to top that? Enter Moon Audio's Silver Dragon IEM cable. I am not exaggerating when I say that after I switched out the stock cable for the Dragon's I was freakin' overwhelmed (sorry for the lack of technical acumen there) by how much they seemed to change everything! Vocals became far more weightier and lifelike. Guitars and bass had this intense velocity in their transient attack, plus a natural decay, that was as live as I've ever heard in a headphone.

I was so impressed I reached for my personal ultimate sonic acid test: The master file of my first house record from 2004: A tech house track entitled "Soultek" produced under our Seamless Satori moniker for Listen to Reason Records, released on vinyl and digital download. When I listened to the track with the Silver Dragon IEM cables on my JH Audio's I felt like I was back in the studio. The track is a late-night chugger, a bit of progressive house and tribal beats. We wrote and produced it for a sunrise set: When you're spinning, the crowd's going wild, and the sun is slowly beginning to light up the world after a night of intense partying. It has these subtle, hovering synth lines and pounding tribal beats with vocal samples weaving in and out of the track. The vocal is my wife actually, so I know that voice! There have been only two occasions when listening to my personal audio systems where I felt that record was reproduced as accurately as I think possible. One of those occasions included Moon Audio's Silver Dragon cables, both LOD (used on my iPod Classic as source) and IEM on the JH-13 Pros. If making deep connections with your music is important when its not about the SPL levels and the price tag of the gear involved, products like the Silver Dragon cables can act as a conduit to that grand connection. I'm never giving mine up, and I recommend you check 'em out if personal audio is part of your listening experience.

Silver Dragon LOD 6" $65 / 3 ft: $115

Silver Dragon IEM $185.00


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