Moon Landing - Founders Video

Moon Audio Founder's Video allows you to see how it all began. The story behind how Moon Audio was founded, how our Dragon Cables were created, how music defines us and helps drive our mission of great sound.

We are dedicated to Moon Audio's customers, our family, and finding ways that new ideas can grow into GREAT sound and music.  As Moon Audio grew, we defined our core beliefs below.

Moon Audio's Core Beliefs

  • We are PASSIONATE about music and sound.
  • Our hand-crafted audio cables, modified headphones and audio gear help customers HEAR what is really there.
  • We love artists, musicians, audio engineers, composers and all who create music.
  • Moon Audio hand-crafts audio cables of high-quality materials with masterful workmanship and at affordable prices.
  • We love fellow music lovers, audiophiles, hifi hobbyists, and all who are passionate about music and sound quality.
  • When our products create connections between musicians, music and music lovers we’ve achieved our most important goal.

We hope you enjoyed our video!  Please let us know if you have any questions. We'd love to help you achieve your personal, customized headphone or sound solution.  

Please drop us a line or a note below and we'll help you get started!

Thanks for watching our video and reading our blog post.

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